KickStart Instrument Control Software Version 2.0.0 (Beta) (Windows 10, 8, 7 compatible)

**Version 2.0.0 (Beta)** Key Features

KickStart Software for the PC enables quick test setup and data visualization when using multiple instruments

• Save time by automating data collection of millions of readings.

• Set up a multi-instrument test with the ability to independently control up to eight instruments.

• Supports power supplies, source measure unit (SMU) instruments, DMMs,and dataloggers.

• Replicate tests quickly using saved test configurations.

• Use built-in plotting and comparison tools to quickly discover measurement anomalies and trends.

  • Release Date:
  • Part Number: KICKSTART-2.0.0

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This software applies to: 2280S-32-6, 2280S-60-3, 2281S-20-6, 2400-C, 2401., 2410., 2410-C, 2420-C, 2425, 2425-C, 2430., 2430-C, 2440., 2440-C, 2450, 2460, 2461, 2601A, 2601B, 2602A, 2602B, 2604B, 2611A, 2611B, 2612A, 2612B, 2614B, 2634B, 2635A, 2635B, 2636A, 2636B, 2700, 2701, 2750, 6430, DMM7510, DAQ6510, DMM6500, KICKSTARTFL-BASE, KICKSTARTFL-HRMA


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