KickStart Instrument Control Software Version 1.7.0 (Windows XP compatible)

KickStart is Keithley’s FREE, easy to use, instrument control software. No complex instrument programming is required. Start taking measurements in minutes with KickStart. Perform I-V characterization, data logging, and voltage sourcing with load current measurements. View data in graphical or tabular format. Data can be stored to a disk for later analysis in a software environment such as Microsoft Excel®. (This version is only for use with Microsoft Windows XP).

  • Release Date:
  • Part Number: KICKSTART-1.7.0

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This software applies to: 2280S-32-6, 2280S-60-3, 2400, 2450, 2450-NFP, 2450-NFP-RACK, 2450-RACK, 2460, 2460-NFP, 2460-NFP-RACK, 2460-RACK, 2700, 2750, 2701, DMM7510, DMM7510-NFP, DMM7510-NFP-RACK, DMM7510-RACK


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