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ACS Software Basic Version 3.2

The ACS Basic Edition software supports component characterization testing of packaged parts and wafer-level testing using a manual probe station.

Changes in Version 3.2
ACS Software Enhancements:
• Added gate charge measurement functionality.
• Enhanced the ACS Hardware Management Tool to display the new 4215-CVU model on the configuration page.
• Updated GenericHVCVlib libraries to support the new 4215-CVU model.
• Updated CVITM to support the new 4215-CVU and added a step option to the sweep function in the KI42xxCVU library.

ACS Software Resolved Issues:
• Repaired the CVITM run error when only using the 4215-CVU card in the 4200A.
• Optimized ITM and PTM slow switching issues.
• Optimized the 4215-CVU slow compensation problem.
• Repaired GPIB communication error when running Python Test Modules (PTMs) with the 24xx SMUs without an interlock connection enabled.
• Fixed several plotting related issues.
  • Версия: V3.2
    Дата выпуска:
  • Тип программного обеспечения: Application (Предварительные установки > Приложение)
    Номер по каталогу: ACS-BASIC-3.2

Это программное обеспечение относится к следующему: ACS BASIC, ACS-BASICFL, ACS-BASICFL-3MO, ACS-BASICFL-AN, ACS-BASICFL-UP

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