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Специалисты компании готовы часами говорить с клиентами на технические темы, но мы ценим ваше время. Поэтому мы максимально упростили загрузку руководств, технических описаний и программного обеспечения для выпускаемых приборов и многих продуктов, которые сняты с производства. Просто укажите, каким продуктом вы пользуетесь, и мы предоставим все имеющиеся материалы.

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  • Техническое описание Номер публикации: Дата выпуска
    Arbitrary Waveform Generators
    The AWGSYNC01 enables the multi-instrument synchronization of up to four AWG70001A or AWG70002A units allowing up to eight channels to be aligned to the same clock, pattern jump and trigger inputs. The AWGSYNC01 requires no additional software and …
  • Руководства Тип руководства Номер по каталогу: Дата выпуска

    Synchronization Hub Safety and Installallation Instruction Manual

    Основной потребитель 071329201
    AWG70000A Series and AWGSYNC01

    Rackmount Kit Installation Manual

    Инструкции по установке на объекте 071310401

    Declassification and Security Instructions

    Исключение из классификации 077102600
    AWG70000 Series and AWGSYNC01

    Rackmount Kit

    Инструкции по установке на объекте 071310402
  • HDMI specification version 2.1 is the most recent update of the HDMI standards and supports a range of higher video resolutions and refresh rates, including 8K60 and 4K120. Watch this …
    Длительность: 21:02
    See how a team at Wuppertal University in Germany is developing innovative new technologies that will underpin 6G networks. The team is relying on fast, synchronously running instruments as well …
    Длительность: 5:44
    Learn how to perform multi-domain signal analysis of 5G base station and user equipment systems.  See the benefits of using a mixed domain oscilloscope for analyzing RF amplifier performance.  …
    Длительность: 6:47
    Watch to learn how you can simplify several 3GPP 5G New Radio transmitter tests. You’ll see how to verify transmitter characteristics including power, power dynamics, signal quality and RF …
    Длительность: 8:50
    See how the 4, 5, and 6B Series of MSO oscilloscopes provide a platform for multichannel test and measurement of MIMO systems through extension of MATLAB® algorithms for analysis of channel …
    Длительность: 24:54
    A demonstration of some new features for the AWG70000 series instruments from Tektronix.
    Длительность: 12m 35s
    See how MIMO analysis of RF, analog and digital can be performed simultaneously for easy analysis and correlation between both the frequency and time domain while addressing the unmet needs of the …
    Длительность: 51:53
    AWG 70K Waveform generation plugins description, installation and licensing.
    Длительность: 10m 25s
    Tektronix supports many applications where AWGs are heavily used, with plug-ins that improve overall efficiency by shortening the time it takes to build these complicated application test set-ups …
    Длительность: 26m 2s
    Get an overview of the optical solutions available from Tektronix. Learn about what we showcased at our OFC 2016 exhibit, then learn more about these solutions online.
    Длительность: 1m 16s
    See how the pre-compensation feature found on Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generators can correct for the negative effects of cables, components, and fixtures on the amplitude and phase of high …
    Длительность: 6:05
    This video explores our latest AWG waveform generation Plug in for current AWG70K and AWG5200 products. This RF Environment Plug-in has been highly anticipated and hopefully this video will help …
    Длительность: 15m 53s
    Observe as Tektronix Dr. Klaus Engenhardt demonstrates how to conduct PAM-4 Signal Generation using AWG70000's.
    Длительность: 2m 31s
    Webinar on applications and trends and solving problems making measurements in 5G MIMO using a scope for wideband analysis.  A demonstration shows time and frequency correlation for a power …
    Длительность: 35:33
    This video demonstrated the use of SourceXpress, the AWG free utility software that allows users to run the AWG interface on their Windows PC.
    Длительность: 14m 3s
    This webinar provides viewers with an extensive overview of coherent optic signals, including: key fundamentals, how to create and generate coherent optic signals, test equipment challenges and …
    Длительность: 33m 20s
    This video demonstrates the use of the RF Generic Plug-in for the AWG70000 series. This plug-in allows users to build complex RF modulated waveforms directly on their AWG or by using SourceXpress …
    Длительность: 27m 54s
    Learn about the coherent modulation being considered for 400G networks, the key building blocks of a coherent test system, how to optimize measurement accuracy and the benefits of customizable …
    Длительность: 42m 47s
    View a quick walk through on how to use the AWG70000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Sequencer from Tektronix.
    Длительность: 11m 49s
    Researchers, Laurent Bigot and Espen Anderson, working at the be IRCICA Institute (Université de Lille – CNRS) , are expecting to reach petabit per second data transfer rates using new generation …
    Длительность: 6m 1s
    Generating signals to recreate complex environments can feel like the 80s when we still had cassette tapes. Make the leap into the 21st century with the new Streaming Waveform ID technology in the …
    Длительность: 1m 35s
    What are the challenges related to the creation and generation of complex radar signals and what are the tools to help make this task more efficient? Gain these insights and learn how to avoid …
    Длительность: 24m 53s
    You don't want the influence of the generators hardware and the connecting components to impact your test results. In this video Chris Skach demos how to compensate for these elements using the …
    Длительность: 20m 20s
    View this demonstration for how to setup and use the Sync Hub (AWGSYNC01).
    Длительность: 6m 40s
    Prof. Dr. Ullrich Pfeiffer of Wuppertal University explains why his team chose Tektronix for their 6G research into making possible increased data rates using multiple channels and balancing speed …
    Длительность: 0:58
    Introducing the industry’s best combination of high sample rate, long waveform memory and deep dynamic range to meet cutting-edge design needs for bandwidth efficiency, modulation complexity and …
    Длительность: 4m 6s