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    Differential Preamplifier Instruction Manual

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    Probes and Accessories

    Declassification and Security

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  • TekScope PC software, combined with Tektronix oscilloscopes, makes it easy to log waveform data, waveform images and measurements on your PC.  Simply set the logging interval, count, and hit Start …
    Длительность: 5m 29s
    Explore a collection of test and measurement tools chosen by Tektronix experts perfect for engineers working on power integrity. From measuring ripple on DC power rails to seeing noise on your …
    Длительность: 1m 26s
    Learn how using TekScope software together with entry-level  oscilloscopes enables far greater insight into the data captured and far more powerful analysis and sharing capabilities than might be …
    Длительность: 21:00
    Learn how a modern oscilloscope can provide six different capabilities: 1)Oscilloscope; 2) Spectrum Analyzer; 3) Protocol Analyzer; 4) Logic Analyzer; 5) AFG; 6) DVM/counter.
    Длительность: 21:35
    Do you have trouble making accurate current or voltage measurements? Are you able to make repeatable single ended, differential, and common mode measurements? Start making reliable power …
    Длительность: 1m 25s
    In this short video, we demo the CAN FD bus decoding process on the flexible MDO3000 oscilloscope. 
    Длительность: 4m 28s
    Find Elusive Signal Problems with the MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope.
    Длительность: 2m 39s
    The 3 Series MDO is a versatile addition to any bench.  Find out how digital channels can expand your visibility into your designs. Learn about the built-in spectrum analyzer options.  See serial …
    Длительность: 5m 39s
    Generate a Wide Range of Signals with the Integrated Arbitrary/Function Generator.
    Длительность: 2m 31s
    Discover the exceptionally wide capture bandwidth of the integrated spectrum analyzer found in the MDO3000 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope.
    Длительность: 3m 24s
    Aspiring electrical engineers from Queensborough Community College got an early preview of the 3 Series MDO after using an earlier generation Tek scope in their lab class.  See (and hear) their …
    Длительность: 1m 40s
    Uncover Noise Sources and Debug Wireless with the Integrated Spectrum Analyzer.
    Длительность: 3m
    A side-by-side comparison of the 11.6-inch HD display on the Tektronix 3 Series MDO and the 8.5-inch VGA display on the Keysight 3000T X-Series oscilloscope. The same I2C signals are shown on both …
    Длительность: 1m 7s
    In just a few minutes you'll learn everything you need to know to be able to operate the 3 Series MDO.  You'll get a guided tour of the high-definition display, learn how to use the touchscreen to …
    Длительность: 2m 37s
    Get an overview of the 3 Series MDO.  See how to operate the controls -- after the first 3 minutes you'll know everything you need to know to be able to operate the instrument.  Learn about making …
    Длительность: 13m 34s
    The 3 Series MDO offers impressive specifications and supports powerful measurement tools.   See how to make cursor measurements and automated measurements like peak-to-peak voltage,  period, and …
    Длительность: 2m 48s
    Learn how the 1 GHz or 3 GHz built-in spectrum analyzers available in the 3 Series MDO can take the place of a stand-alone spectrum analyzer.  Learn about specifications, markers, spectrogram …
    Длительность: 3m 0s
    The Tektronix 3 Series MDO and Keysight DSO/MSO 3000T X-Series use different techniques for making automated measurements.  The Tektronix 3 Series MDO calculates measurements and performs waveform …
    Длительность: 2m 16s
    Monitor More of Your Design with the Integrated Logic Analyzer.
    Длительность: 2m 48s
    Perform Quick Measurements with the Integrated Digital Voltmeter.
    Длительность: 1m 50s
    The MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope features six integrated instruments, including a spectrum analyzer, function generator and more, giving you the ability to capture analog, digital and RF …
    Длительность: 56s
    With its built-in 1 GHz spectrum analyzer, the 3 Series MDO oscilloscope enables RF engineers to test the latest IoT devices using sub-GHz band without adding any extra cost. The basic RF …
    Длительность: 04:25
    See a few everyday examples of engineering tasks you can do with this ultimate 6-in-1 integrated instrument.
    Длительность: 6m 54s
    Debug Your Serial Buses in Seconds with the Integrated Protocol Analyzer.
    Длительность: 2m 58s
    Sometimes bad things happen to good scopes!  Ensure you've got it covered with a Total Product Protection plan from Tektronix, the only coverage plan available for test equipment with accident …
    Длительность: 1m 2s