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Обратная связь

Your interview with Tektronix is important. Having a meaningful and fact-finding experience is key to both parties in determining mutual interest. The following suggestions will aid you in considering a thorough and informative interview.

  • Be knowledgeable about Tektronix. Review our web site.
  • Make sure that your application and all other documents are completed and returned to your interview team.
  • Tektronix' preferred style of interviewing is behavioral interviewing. This process emphasizes the systematic use of job-related, open-ended questions to help measure a candidate's skills for a particular job.
  • Interview yourself. Review your own resume, be current on your work history and ask yourself interview questions. Be able to address your experience carefully and thoroughly. Cite examples of relevant experiences or examples of problem solving. Being well prepared often leads to a relaxed interview.
  • Demonstrate your abilities: Present descriptive examples and talk about past successes. Please make sure any work product or examples you share are not company confidential from your current or past employers.
  • Interview us: Ask questions about the overall organization, company's current goals, management style, work environment etc.
  • Demonstrate your strengths, interpersonal skills and team player attitude.
  • Be sure to express interest in committing to the responsibilities and challenges of the position should you become employed.

Interview Suggestions