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Fast, Flexible In-depth Analysis

When it comes to testing the most advanced designs with the fastest and most complex signals, you need a truly complete performance solution. Tektronix Performance Oscilloscopes and Probes give you the cleanest, most trustworthy signal in the world. 

New features and options for this powerful oscilloscope family are:

  • Integrated Serial Bus decode, trigger and search for serial bus protocols
    • CAN/LIN/FlexRay
    • MIL-STD-1553B
    • SPI 2-wire support
    • PCI Express
  • New serial bus support available on the MSO/DPO5000
    • MIPI DSI and CSI
    • 8b/10b
  • Thunderbolt, SAS Gen3 and MOST 50/150 electrical compliance analysis
  • Visual Trigger enhancements
  • "Mark all trigger events" search capability
  • Improved usability for zoom, cursors and protocol decode event table
  • Now supported by DPOJET
    • Bounded Uncorrelated Jitter Separation
    • Automatic measurements on MSO digital channels
  • Custom Data Analysis enabled by MATLAB and .NET

Download our Performance Oscilloscopes flyer today and learn more about the powerful features available to simplify analysis of your design. Select the product series below to download datasheets and view web demos.

Product Series Bandwidth Channels Record Length (All Channels) Sample Rate (Analog)
2 GHz – 350 MHz 4 analog, 16 digital (MSO) 12.5 M (std.) Up to 125 M (opt.) Up to 10 GS/s
3.5 GHz - 500 MHz 4 analog 12.5 M (std.) Up to 125 M (opt.) Up to 40 GS/s
20 GHz - 4 GHz 4 analog, 16 digital (MSO) Up to 31 M (std.) Up to 250 M (opt.) Up to 100 GS/s
33 GHz, 25 GHz 4 analog Up to 31 M (std.) Up to 250 M (opt.) Up to 100 GS/s

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