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Burst Communications

Burst Communications For more than a decade, Burst has been a leading equipment reseller and systems integrator, offering technological solutions that provide professionals the ability to create, design, deliver or display electronic media. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a firm dedication to provide the highest quality service, Burst is the clear choice for professionals involved with the broadcast and video industries and presentation technologies.

Product Specialization

Video Test Equipment


Countries Served

United States


Country City/State or Province Contact
United States Prescott, Arizona Phone:+1 (800) 955-3130 Fax:+1 (800) 955-3407
United States Newport Beach, California Phone:+1 (949) 851-8220 Fax:+1 (949) 851-8221
United States Addison, Texas Phone:+1 (972) 248-7905 Fax:+1 (972) 248-7906
United States Salt Lake City, Utah Phone:+1 (801) 487-5050 Fax:+1 (801) 487-5757

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