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Burst Communications

Burst Communications For more than a decade, Burst has been a leading equipment reseller and systems integrator, offering technological solutions that provide professionals the ability to create, design, deliver or display electronic media. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a firm dedication to provide the highest quality service, Burst is the clear choice for professionals involved with the broadcast and video industries and presentation technologies.

Product Specialization

STOCKING: Video Test Equipment


Countries Served

United States


Country City/State or Province Contact
United States Prescott, Arizona Phone:+1 (800) 955-3130 Fax:+1 (800) 955-3407
United States Newport Beach, California Phone:+1 (949) 851-8220 Fax:+1 (949) 851-8221
United States Lenexa, Kansas Phone:+1 (913) 492-2877 Fax:+1 (913) 492-2877
United States Addison, Texas Phone:+1 (972) 248-7905 Fax:+1 (972) 248-7906
United States Salt Lake City, Utah Phone:+1 (801) 487-5050 Fax:+1 (801) 487-5757

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