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Electro Rent Corporation

Electro Rent Corporation Since 1965, Electro Rent Corporation has committed every department to quick answers and responsive shipments. As one of the world's oldest and the largest rent/lease providers of test and measurement equipment, our relationships with major industry manufacturers go back decades. Because our annual purchases are often their largest, top-name manufacturers give us priorities and information our competitors simply cannot match.

Product Specialization

5 Series MSO, TTR500, RSA series, MDO3000, DPO/MSO2000B, TBS/TDS1000/2000C/3000C series, TPS2000B, THS3000, MDO4000C, DPO/MSO5000B, AFG1000/3000C, FCA3000, DMM, Power Supplies and Meters, Probes, USB RF, Accessories and Keithley: DMM, SMU, Power Supplies and Switching. For Rental needs, Electro Rent Corporation offers the entire Tektronix Instruments Business and Keithley branded products and accessories.


Countries Served

Canada, United States


Country City/State or Province Contact
Canada Mississauga, Ontario Phone:+1 (800) 327-0302 Fax:+1 (905) 361-0232
United States Hayward, California Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424 Fax:+1 (510) 264-0886
United States Van Nuys, California Phone:+1 (800) 533 2255
United States West Hills, California Phone:+1 (818) 787-2100 Fax:+1 (818) 786-4354
United States Centennial, Colorado Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424
United States Duluth, GA Phone:+1 (770) 813-7045
United States Duluth, Georgia Phone:+1 (800) 813-7142
United States Norcross, Georgia Phone:+1 (800) 553-2255
United States New Haven, Indiana Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424
United States Livonia, MI Phone:+1 (734) 522-8555 Fax:1 734-522-0003
United States Columbia, Maryland Phone:+1 (800) 688-1111
United States Amesbury, Massachusetts Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424
United States East Brunswick, New Jersey Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424
United States Staten Island, New York Phone:+1 (718) 619-7519
United States Morrisville, North Carolina Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424
United States Austin, TX Phone:+1 (512) 266-2922
United States Southlake, TX Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424
United States Austin, Texas Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424
United States Yorktown, Virginia Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424
United States Maple Valley, Washington Phone:+1 (800) 432-3424

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