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Continental Resources, Inc.

Continental Resources, Inc. With over 50 years experience, Continental Resources is a leader in the sales and rental of state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment providing both regional and national support. Our highly trained sales force works with you to choose the Tektronix products right for your specific application and budget constraints - whether purchase, lease, rental with equity or straight rental.

Product Specialization

5 Series MSO, TTR500, RSA series, MDO3000, DPO/MSO2000B, TBS/TDS1000/2000C/3000C series, TPS2000B, THS3000, MDO4000C, DPO/MSO5000B, AFG1000/3000C, FCA3000, DMM, Power Supplies and Meters, Probes, USB RF, Accessories and Keithley: DMM, SMU, Power Supplies and Switching. For Rental needs, Continental offers the entire Tektronix Instruments Business and Keithley branded products and accessories.


Countries Served

Canada, United States


Country City/State or Province Contact
United States Torrance, California Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688 Fax:+1 (310) 782-1413
United States Palm Bay, Florida Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688
United States Chicago, Illinois Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688 Fax:+1 (630) 860-0148
United States Bedford, Massachusetts Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688 Fax:+1 (781) 275-2046
United States Apple Valley, Minnesota Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688 Fax:+1 (630) 860-0148
United States Nashua, New Hampshire Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688
United States Rutherford, New Jersey
United States Greensboro, North Carolina Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688
United States Morrisville, North Carolina Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688
United States Warren, Ohio Phone:+1 (234) 806-6391
United States Sandy, Oregon Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688
United States Austin, Texas Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688
United States Mesquite, Texas Phone:+1 (800) 937-4688 Fax:+1 (214) 540-1073

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