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TekScope Anywhere - Waveform Analysis Software

TekScope Anywhere waveform analysis software is no longer being sold and is being replaced by new TekScope analysis software.

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  • Perform analysis tasks including timing, eye, and jitter analysis — outside the lab
  • Quickly share waveform data and setups with team members, customers, and suppliers
  • Compatible with most common save/recall waveform files (.wfm, .isf, .csv, .h5, .tr0, .trc, and .bin)
  • Generate detailed test reports
  • Software runs on Windows-based PCs, servers, and tablets
TekScope Anywhere - Waveform Analysis Software

TekScope Anywhere™ Key Capabilities

  TekScope Anywhere™ Basic TekScope Anywhere™ with Jitter
View waveforms from Tektronix scopes (.wfm, .csv, .isf, .h5) X X
View waveforms from Lecroy (.trc) and Keysight (.bin) scopes X X
View simulation (.tr0) waveforms X X
Zoom on horizontal/vertical waveforms and plots X X
View unlimited waveforms and plots X X
Share setups between scopes X X
Generate PDF and .mht reports X X
Over 50 amplitude and timing measurements with statistics X X
Measurement gating X X
Eye diagrams X X
Annotate waveforms and plots X X
Export plot data to .csv file X X
TIE time trend plot X X
Explicit clock, constant clock, and PLL clock recovery X X
Rj/Dj jitter decomposition X X
Jitter spectrum and bathtub plots - X
Perform multiple jitter measurements - X
Node-locked license available X X
Floating license available - X
Floating license shared between PCs and Tektronix oscilloscopes (DPO/DSA/MSO70000, DPO7000, DPO/MSO5000 models) - X