TekScope Anywhere - Offline Waveform Analysis Software

TekScope Anywhere - Offline Waveform Analysis Software


  • Perform analysis tasks including timing, eye, and jitter analysis — outside the lab
  • Quickly share waveform data and setups with team members, customers, and suppliers
  • Compatible with most common save/recall waveform files (.wfm, .isf, .csv, .h5, .tr0, .trc, and .bin)
  • Generate detailed test reports
  • Software runs on Windows-based PCs, servers, and tablets


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TekScope Anywhere - Waveform Analysis Software

TekScope Anywhere™ Key Capabilities

  TekScope Anywhere™ Basic TekScope Anywhere™ with Jitter
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View waveforms from Tektronix scopes (.wfm, .csv, .isf, .h5) X X
View waveforms from Lecroy (.trc) and Keysight (.bin) scopes X X
View simulation (.tr0) waveforms X X
Zoom on horizontal/vertical waveforms and plots X X
View unlimited waveforms and plots X X
Share setups between scopes X X
Generate PDF and .mht reports X X
Over 50 amplitude and timing measurements with statistics X X
Measurement gating X X
Eye diagrams X X
Annotate waveforms and plots X X
Export plot data to .csv file X X
TIE time trend plot X X
Explicit clock, constant clock, and PLL clock recovery X X
Rj/Dj jitter decomposition X X
Jitter spectrum and bathtub plots - X
Perform multiple jitter measurements - X
Node-locked license available X X
Floating license available - X
Floating license shared between PCs and Tektronix oscilloscopes (DPO/DSA/MSO70000, DPO7000, DPO/MSO5000 models) - X
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Why TekScope Anywhere™?

Collaborate more efficiently with co-workers, suppliers, and customers

Tekscope Anywhere unchains your measurement data from your oscilloscope making it easy to share and compare data with co-workers, customers and suppliers around the world.

Now they can see exactly what you are seeing and perform their own analysis of the data.

Extend Your Scope’s Analysis Capability

Do you have an older scope or one that does not support all the measurements you need? No problem! Load your measurement data into TeksScope Anywhere and get access to a rich set of measurements – including advanced jitter analysis.

Now they can see exactly what you are seeing and perform their own analysis of the data.

Improve simulation results by comparing to real-world measurement data

Are your simulation results different than what you are seeing in the lab? Use TekScope Anywhere to gain insight by using a common set of analysis tools.

Test drive TekScope Anywhere with a FREE 30-day trial

  • View all supported waveform types including Keysight, Lecroy and simulation waveforms
  • Full-access to measurement library including advanced jitter capabilities
  • Generate unlimited reports

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