ISF to CSV Conversion Program - V2.0

``cnvrtwfm`` is the utility used to convert ISF files to CSV files.Supported Scopes:MSO4000, DPO4000, MSO3000, DPO3000, MSO2000, DPO2000, TDS3000, TDS3000B, TDS3000C Series oscilloscopes Normal Usage:cnvrtwfm -l -8- myfile.isfExecuting this command will generate a file called myfile.csv which is viewable in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.General Notes:-The csv files for waveforms with record lengths greater than 10,000 points cannot be completely loaded by some versions of Microsoft Excel.-Peak Detect mode and Envelope mode are not supported in this release.

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This software applies to: DPO4104, DPO4032, DPO4034, DPO4054, TDS3012B, TDS3014B, TDS3024B, TDS3032B, TDS3034B, TDS3044B, TDS3052B, TDS3054B, TDS3064B, TDS3012, TDS3014


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