Live IP Media Analysis

Live IP Media Analysis

Solutions for Live IP Video Production

The infrastructure we use to deliver content is in transition from a traditional point-to-point Serial Digital Interface (SDI) based infrastructure to an Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure, mandating new workflows and solutions. This clash in domains, from video engineers’ comfort with SDI to network engineers’ familiarity with IP, will require a bridge to foster collaboration between broadcast engineers and IT experts to troubleshoot issues in this new hybrid SDI/IP environment

Diagnosing Faults in an IP Environment

The move to an IP based infrastructure cannot come at the expense of insight into your content. Broadcast engineers must still be able to see what signals are being carried into the wire, and be able to diagnose faults as they occur. One new problem that can occur in IP networks is jitter, which can lead to packet loss, and so requires new tools and techniques to guard against.

Tektronix’s solutions for managing the shift from SDI to IP offer high visibility into these new signals, including IP packet analysis, allowing engineers to quickly address problems with their content.

12G-SDI Eye pattern display with Automatic measurements

Informative and customizable tile displays allow faster analysis.

Bridging the Gap from SDI to IP

Even though there’s a clear trend towards IP-based infrastructures, this shift will not happen overnight. There will likely be a smooth and gradual transition from SDI to IP, resulting in a period of hybrid SDI/IP networks that will present their own unique challenges. Specifically, engineers will want to avoid having multiple different testing and measurement tools that must be juggled back and forth to diagnose problems.

Tektronix eliminates this hurdle with unique, integrated measurement tools that offer engineers easy-to-understand monitoring and analysis displays. These displays correlate traditional SDI signals with the new IP signals, allowing for a much smoother transition from SDI to IP.

SMPTE 2022-7 monitoring for robust IP broadcast operation

SMPTE 2022-7 monitoring for robust IP broadcast operation.

An Invisible Transition

Picture, Waveform, Audio, and Video Session applications provide content conformance monitoring tools.

Picture, Waveform, Vector, Audio, and Video Session applications provide content conformance monitoring tools.

As the tools and techniques of network and broadcast engineers begin to merge, the SDI to IP transition has the potential to slow down production as engineers and operators adapt to new workflows. This delay is both costly and unnecessary, which is why Tektronix provides tools that make IP connectivity invisible to operators. We offer familiar monitoring and analysis displays to shorten the learning curve of users, giving content providers an integrated, simple approach to get through the IP transition without production delays.

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