4K HDR Video Test & Monitoring

4K HDR Video Test & Monitoring

Meet Challenges of 4K HDR Production & Delivery

New generation media companies like Netflix, Google and Amazon are driving rapid adoption of 4K/UHD technology as a way for content creators to differentiate themselves by providing a superior viewing experience. Delivering content in 4K/UHD with HDR is one of the largest changes to the video viewing experience in over a decade—and this change necessitates new tools and techniques. The transition to 4K affects all points along the video workflow, and engineers, operators, editors, and colorists alike must adapt to new and evolving standards that will dictate how content is created and delivered.

Capturing in UHD

Camera operators face the first challenge of the 4K transition, as HDR production requires more attention during acquisition than SDR production. Whether you’re filming live UHD content like a football game, or episodic UHD content like a TV series, you’ll find familiar measurement tools and advanced analytics with Tektronix. Tektronix’s patented Stop Display allows you to instantly check the dynamic range of shooting, regardless of camera type—whether SDR, HDR, or both—simplifying the process of monitoring a wide variety of different camera gammas and HDR specifications like ST2084 PQ and HLG.

Unmatched measurement and monitoring performance for content creation and content distribution.

Adapting to New Color Gamuts

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Colorists, too, face difficulties adapting to new color gamuts and HDR standards. Colorists must adjust for different color spaces like ST2020, 709, and DCI P3, as well as different dynamic ranges, like SDR, HDR, and Camera Log. Tektronix provides you with the tools you need to meet these difficulties, tools that check a wide range of parameters and help editors to color match, set luminance levels, and adjust skin tones between different color gamuts. The Tektronix-exclusive ability to convert from different color spaces to 709 gamma and 709 colorimetry allows you to view picture displays and monitor traces in a familiar way, using vector or diamond.

Simplifying Quality and Compliance Checks

Post QC Engineers must master content to satisfy the desired creative look, and also deliver that content in multiple formats to meet delivery and regulatory requirements. Tektronix provides QC solutions for mastering and post-production, including video gamut, audio level, closed captions, and more. Aurora, Tektronix’s automated QC system, can be integrated with external workflow tools to quickly check many hours of video content, including compliance with delivery specifications such as Netflix and iTunes.

Tektronix Aurora is the automated QC solution for file-based video, including IMF packages with JPEG 2000 video at 4K.

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