Quantum Research – Flexible, Low Noise Signals For Triggering Qubits

There’s a race going on to develop technology based on uniquely quantum or subatomic phenomena. Institutions are working to take data processing to the next level through quantum computing. Laboratories are studying and developing applications of quantum entanglement to create instantaneous communication anywhere in the universe.

It may not sound like a quantum computer, a miles long laser-interferometer and a quantum entanglement have much in common, but when you zoom out, these technological developments all face similar challenges. How do you set up the signals that trigger what you want to observe? How do you ensure timing? How do you scale up a solution? At Tektronix, we strive to provide test and measurement solutions for these challenges, leaving you to focus on your experiment.


Overcoming RF Signal Generation Challenges in Quantum Computing with New DAC Technologies White Paper

Using an AWG for direct RF complex signal generation.

Fundamentals of the MDO4000 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

In this application note, learn how a Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO) offers time-correlated analog, digital, and RF signal acquisition for a complete system view. 

Measurement System Signal Integrity: Important Factors to Consider

Sufficient bandwidth is a key oscilloscope requirement for making accurate measurements. However, there are a number of other factors and specifications that can help you properly perform signal integrity characterization.

Conquering Radar Signal Generation

Let us help you decode radar signal generation with our informative webinar.

Challenges Facing Quantum Computing and Signal Sources

This webinar looks at challenges facing quantum computing and high energy research and how researchers in these fields are using signal sources.



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