Playback nearly any file using Hydra’s powerful universal de-multiplexer and decoder engine that offers support for almost all video codecs, audio codecs, containers and text formats used in the broadcast sector.

  • Frame Accurate Real-time Video Playout
  • Audio Playout and Visualization
  • Caption / Subtitle / Text Playback
  • Metadata Visualization
  • HDMI or SDI Output
  • Audio Service Mapping

Use Hydra to speed up your QC process by up to 8 times with instant integration between Hydra and Aurora QC.

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FRAME ACCURATE REAL-TIME VIDEO PLAYOUT:Hydra Player provides frame accurate real time playout with no chunking or delays even at 4K (4K require CUDA GPU). Scrub using keyboard short-cuts or a Shuttle USB controller. Play, pause, fast playback/reverse and frame-by-frame playback are supported.

Use this one player to reliably play out any supported media file at your workstation, rather than having to take different files to different playout applications and products.

AUDIO PLAYOUT AND VISUALIZATION:Hydra Player includes an Audio Service Mapping function that enables you to playback the audio you want the way you want. Specify how your mono or AES wrapped audio tracks are allocated into programs and which of those services should be available for playback. Hydra Player enables you to select specific audio channels from multiple programs (or within a single program) for playback and visually monitor them in a frame-accurate waveform view and/or use built-in audio loudness meter to monitor audio peaks and average levels.

Review just the audio you want in your media files in the way you want to monitor them.

CAPTION / SUBTITLE / TEXT PLAYBACK:Hydra Player supports the display of captions, subtitles and/or text overlaid on the video frame, timed precisely with the video timestamps. Any available text data will play. Text can be in side-car files (linked through a reference file) or embedded.

Easily check that your captions / subtitles / text is correct without having to use specialist tools.

METADATA VISUALIZATION:Hydra Player enables toggling between the video and the declared header metadata associated with the file. Since Digimetrics is the sponsor of the MediaInfo open source project, we know how to parse files and display the most relevant technical and tag data for a file.

Quickly review your media file’s metadata without having to use specialist tools.

HDMI OR SDI OUTPUT:Hydra Player supports full resolution playout to the PC monitor/HDMI output or alternatively you can install an AJA Corvid or Kona card (3G models preferred) for high quality SD or HD SDI output, or even 4K playout to external broadcast quality monitors.

View your media on your desktop display or in full SD/HD/4K SDI on a broadcast monitor.

VIDEO SCALING OPTIONS:Hydra Player will by default show the video essence in the presentation window at 100% of the pixel density, but you can manually select other sizes or if your monitor is too small, then Hydra will automatically scale to show the entire picture.

Scale your video to your monitor.

AUDIO SERVICE MAPPING: Hydra Player includes an Audio Service Mapping function that enables you to playback the audio you want the way you want. Specify how your mono or AES wrapped audio tracks are allocated into programs and which of those services should be available for playback.

Playback and visualize just the audio you wish.

GPU ACCELERATION FOR 4K PLAYOUT:Hydra Player can playout higher resolution files and process more complex wrappers than most other players as it uses GPU acceleration (any NVIDIA Kepler GPU with at least 1.5GB of memory), including handling IMF CPLs for 4K playback in real time.

Smoothly playout 4K media files with no chunking.

ADAPTIVE BIT RATE (ABR):Hydra Player supports playout from Adaptive Bit Rate filesets (HLS, HSS, HDS and DASH), including any of the codecs or text referenced in the playlist. Bitrate variations show up as Programs in Hydra, so playback or review with manual bitrate switching, if needed. When integrated with Aurora 5 file-based QC, tests specifically designed to catch the most common causes of adaptive bit rate streaming problems are available and by clicking on any reported instance Hydra Player will jump to the exact frame of its occurrence.

Playout ABR files at the bit rates you want to review.

REFERENCE FILE HANDLING:Hydra Player supports playout using reference files like MXF OP-1b, MOV and IMF, allowing selection of any program, video essence track, audio essence track or ancillary/text available in the container. Where reference files are not present Hydra has a generic XML container that can be customized to enable synchronous playout.

Playout reference files, selecting the program, video essence, audio essence and data you wish to review.

INTEROPERABLE MASTER FORMAT (IMF):IMF is the new Hollywood standard that allows a single set of master essence to be mapped to composition playlists (CPL) to define and manage multiple distribution points needed by a studio. The CPL may be a simple reference to an essence, or it can be a complex series of in/out points from multiple essence. Hydra Player canhandling IMF CPLs for playback with 4K content in real time.Operators can select between the CPLs and playback of any specific profile. When integrated with Aurora 5 QC an operator can click on a reported QC issue on the Aurora Test Report and view in 4K the exact frame of the reported issue, scrubbing back and forth as required.

Rely on Hydra to support the latest codecs and wrappers, including the new IMF standard.

HYDRA INTEGRATION WITH AURORA QC:Hydra closely integrates with our Aurora 5 file-based QC software. Click on any issue in the Aurora QC Report and Hydra will be launched at the exact frame of the issue. Open the Hydra Review Bar to see the full list of QC issues detected by Aurora for that file – then jump between them, and jog/shuttle to review the issue. Add annotations and make QC decisions for each issue, with all information added to the QC test report.

Speed up manual review and decision-making on Aurora 5 reported QC issues by up to 8 times

HYDRA INTEGRATION WITH TECHNOLOGY PARTNER SOLUTIONS:Hydra has a SOAP API that enables third party solutions to natively integrate file-based playout functionality into their solution workflows. Third party solution providers can control the playback ad display the video within their own user interfaces.

Enhance third party solutions with the Hydra player integration.

As a result of constant participation in key standards committee (EBU, SMPTE, AMWA, FIMS), Hydra always has the latest codecs and wrappers with new updates arriving often. As of April 2015 Hydra supports the following file formats:

Video Codecs:

H.264 (AVC/AVC-Intra), MPEG-2 (including XDCAM, IMX and D-10), ProRes, JPEG 2000, DNxHD (VC-3), Cineform (VC-2), VC-1 (and WMV), DV/DVCPro, Flash VP-6/7, RAW (Huffman, YUV, RGB, Blackmagic), RED, EXR, DPX, Canopus, HEVC.

Audio Codecs:

PCM Audio (WAV/AES/BWF), Dolby Digital (AC-3), DD+ (EAC-3), Dolby TrueHD (MLP), Dolby E, AAC, HE-AAC, WMA Standard/Pro, MPEG-2 (L1,2,3), MPEG-1.

Container Wrappers:

MXF (All OP, including AMWA defined AS, RDD-9, P2, SxS), Transport Stream, Elementary Stream, Program Stream/VOB, AVI, WMV/ASF, QuickTime/MOV, GXF, MP4, 3GPP, LXF, R3D, DPX, DXW, HLS, DASH, Smooth Streaming, IMF, DCP (unencrypted), HDS.


Line 21, CEA-608, CEA-708, Timed Text / DFXP, STL, SRT, SCC, WebVTT

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