Tektronix provides engineers with automated test capability for speeding up the design and validation of the HDMI physical layer for their devices. Included is support for accurate test of sink, source and cables in accordance with the latest industry compliance test specifications.

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The Basics of Serial Data Compliance and Validation Measurements

This primer is designed to help you understand the common aspects of serial data transmission & to explain the analog and digital measurement requirements that apply to these emerging serial technologies

Physical Layer Compliance Testing for HDMI Using TDSHT3 HDMI Compliance Test Software Application Note

This application note describes various tests that ensure validation, the challenges faced while testing complex HDMI signals and how oscilloscope-resident test software enables reliable results and automation to perform a wide range of tests.

Direct Synthesis Comes to the Aid of Serial Measurements

An analog approach to revolutionize serial data receiver measurement methodologies.

Advantages of Stress Testing Receivers with Synthesized Waveforms Webinar

Advantages of Stress Testing Receivers with Synthesized Waveforms Webinar

HDMI Sink Impedance MeasurementDifferential Impedance Measurement Procedures
HEAC Cable TestsHEAC Cable Assembly Test Procedures
HDMI/DVI Method Of Implementation (MOI)

Procedures Guide for HDMI Sink Instruments Differential Impedance Measurements using the Tektronix TDS/DSA8200 and Sampling Module 80E04

HEAC Utility Line Impedance Test

Utility Line Impedance Test Procedures


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