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What is the pin out of the communications port on the 2231A-30-3?

Below is the pin out of the connector.

Pin 1 = +5V

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Why isn’t the TPP1000 (Tektronix Passive Probe 1GHz) compatible with my scope

Short answer is that if your scope doesn’t have the notched key that allows the probe to connect, then the TPP probe requires a different termination resistance than what your scope can provide.

This FAQ applies to:
TPP0250, TPP0500B, TPP0502, TPP1000
What are the differences between the TTR506A and TTR506A option LE?

The primary differences between the TTR506A LE and TTR506A are the dynamic range is lower (> 110 dB vs. > 122 dB), the trace noise magnitude is higher (< 0.012 dB RMS vs. < 0.008 dB RMS) and the trace noise phase is higher (< 0.05 vs. < 0.07).

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DPO/MSO5000B differences from the DPO/MSO5000 series.

This FAQ applies to:
DPO5034B, DPO5054, DPO5054B, DPO5104, DPO5104B, DPO5204, DPO5204B, MSO5034, MSO5034B, MSO5054, MSO5054B, MSO5104, MSO5104B, MSO5204, MSO5204B
What are some of the advantages of the 5 and 6 Series MSO digital trigger?

Since its invention by Tektronix in the 1940s, the oscilloscope’s trigger system has been a key component of the products, providing a stable display of repetitive signals and the capture of specific events in a signal.

This FAQ applies to:
MSO54, MSO56, MSO58, MSO64
Can a User Script be loaded into 2600B series SMU and run from power on?

Yes, scripts can be loaded into the 2600B series SMU and run from power on using Test Script Builder.

This FAQ applies to:
2601B, 2602B, 2604B, 2611B, 2612B, 2614B, 2634B, 2635B, 2636B
Making a Resistivity Measurement using the 8009 and 6517B in Alt-Polarity Mode

1) Connect interlock, Source Voltage HI and LO, and triax meter cables between 6517B back panel and 8009 test fixture.

This FAQ applies to:
6517B, 8009
Are the P7700 Series TriMode Probes Compatible with my Oscilloscope?

The P7700 Series TriMode Probes are compatible with all DSA DPO MSO 70000 Series real-time oscilloscopes running Windows 7 or Windows 10 and firmware version 10.6 or higher. Oscilloscopes capable of these requirements include the following:

· DPO70000C series

This FAQ applies to:
DPO70404, DPO70404B, DPO70404C, DPO7054, DPO7054C, DPO70604, DPO70604B, DPO70604C, DPO70804, DPO70804B, DPO70804C, DPO7104, DPO7104C, DPO71254, DPO71254B, DPO71254C, DPO71604, DPO71604B, DPO71604C, DPO72004, DPO72004B, DPO72004C, DPO72304DX, DPO72304SX, DPO72504D, DPO72504DX, DPO7254, DPO7254C, DPO73304D, DPO73304DX, DPO73304SX, DPO7354, DPO7354C, DPO75002SX, DPO77002SX, DSA70404, DSA70404B, DSA70404C, DSA70604, DSA70604B, DSA70604C, DSA70804, DSA70804B, DSA70804C, DSA71254, DSA71254B, DSA71254C, DSA71604, DSA71604B, DSA71604C, DSA72004, DSA72004B, DSA72004C, DSA72504D, DSA73304D, MSO70404, MSO70404C, MSO70604, MSO70604C, MSO70804, MSO70804C, MSO71254, MSO71254C, MSO71604, MSO71604C, MSO72004, MSO72004C, MSO72304DX, MSO72504DX, MSO73304DX, P7708, P7713, P7716, P7720, TDS7154, TDS7154B, TDS724D, TDS7254, TDS7254B, TDS7404, TDS7404B
Does Kickstart support the 2600? The 2600A or 2600B?

Kickstart version 1.9.8 or greater does support the 2600A and 2600B models. Kickstart does not work with the non-A or non-B 2600 instrument models.

This FAQ applies to:
2601, 2601A, 2601B, 2602, 2602A, 2602B, 2604B, 2611, 2611A, 2611B, 2612, 2612A, 2612B, 2614B, 2634B, 2635, 2635A, 2635B, 2636, 2636A, 2636B, KICKSTARTFL-BASE, KICKSTARTFL-HRMA
Does the 4200A-SCS support ICCAP?

Although the 4200ICCAP-6.0 driver is obsolete, the 4200A is ICCAP supported through the KXCI software.  The 4200 drivers in the KXCI software come with ICCAP in them and all KXCI programs for the 4200 are compatible with the 4200A.

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