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Switch Time between Pulse IV and CV measurements using the 4225-RPM.

The RPM eliminates the need to re-cable a

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Setting up the Model 2400 SMU and 2182A Nanovoltmeter for Delta Mode.

A large source of error when making low resistance measurements (e.g. 1 ohm) is thermal EMFs in the circuit. A technique called Delta Mode reduces the thermal EMFs in the circuit. The delta mode method sources current in one polarity and takes a voltage measurement.

This FAQ applies to:
2400, 2401., 2410., 2420, 2425, 2425-C, 2430., 2440.
Description of 2281S General Operation and Battery Simulator Function

The 2281 is a precision measurement, linear power supply. 

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How do I find the IP address for a 2450-NFP?

Your TCP/IP v4 settings should be set to

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What are the current shunt resistors in the current measurement function?

There are two shunt resistors.

One is  5.1 ohms for the 20mA range and the other is 0.1 ohms for the 100mA, 1A, and 3A ranges.

This FAQ applies to:
2700, 2700/7700, 2701, 2750
Settings saved on Model 6517B when updating firmware.

Yes, settings can be saved using the foll

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Differences between TCP202 and TCP202A

Differences are:

1. The jaw size of TCP202 is 3.8 mm while the jaw opening for TCP202A is 5 mm.

2. The TCP202A is rated for 150 V Cat on bare wire.

This FAQ applies to:
TCP202, TCP202A
Size of TRCP current probe loops

The size of the loops are given in this document.

This FAQ applies to:
TRCP0300, TRCP0600, TRCP3000
AFG3000B and AFG3000C differences

There at two differences.

1. The AFG3000C models the display was changed to TFT LCD which has a better viewing angle and brighter display.

2. And two new models were added. AFG3051C and AFG3052C.

This FAQ applies to:
AFG3011C, AFG3021B, AFG3021C, AFG3022B, AFG3022C, AFG3051C, AFG3052C, AFG3101C, AFG3102C, AFG3151C, AFG3152C, AFG3251C, AFG3252C
Differences in the AFG1022 and AFG3022C

1. AFG1022 channel 2 is a continues signal only no modulation, burst, or sweep.  AFG3022C has full function on both channels.
2. AFG1022 Phasing of channel 1 and 2 is only available on for Sine wave below 1 MHz.  AFG3022C has phase control on any signal type and frequency.

This FAQ applies to:
AFG1022, AFG3022C


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