Webinar: Characterization for Research: Improving Speed and Accuracy

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New materials and devices provide constant challenges to researchers as they aim to achieve the most accurate measurements possible and extract relevant parameters without wasting time. Researchers need to know both how to find new parameters quickly and how to improve the quality of current tests to meet constantly shrinking specifications.

This webinar will discuss how to enhance results in DC I-V (current-voltage), C-V (capacitance-voltage) , and pulsed measurements through real world examples. Attendees will learn how new characterization techniques will benefit them through use cases including phosphorene semiconductors, non-volatile memory devices, and solar cell coatings, among others.

Attendees with learn about:

  • Enhancements to Very Low Current Measurements
  • Improving Capacitance-Voltage (CV) Results
  • The Advantage of Ultra-Fast Pulses in Measurements 
  • New Characterization and Research Solutions from Tektronix and Keithley

Who should attend:

  • MOSFET Semiconductor Researchers
  • ReRAM and FeRAM Researchers
  • Materials Scientists
  • Nanoscale Device Researchers
  • Experimental Solid State Physicists

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