Video Insight Seminar - Philadelphia, PA

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Hampton Inn & Suites

3660 Street Road
Bensalem, PA
United States


Morning Session:
To understand what is new we need to have a good foundation by understanding the fundamentals of the latest advances in uncompressed content.

We will begin covering the video path from Acquisition to End User by briefly revisiting the fundamentals. Precision Time Protocol (PTP) will coexist with Black Burst and Tri Level sync that are required for timing facilities will be discussed. Quality begins at the source with HDR Gamut concerns for Graphics and Camera Shading. When 720p and 1080i just are not good enough we find ourselves with new challenges of 1080P and 4K/UHD. Correct insertion and delivery of Anc Data must be monitored and alarmed to maintain compliance and a good Quality of Experience. Getting the right tools for the job is paramount to being able to run a high quality deployment that all starts with the test equipment justification process and it requires management buy-in to get the budget secured.

Afternoon Session:
All that is new in interfaces, compressed content, and distribution technologies.

After lunch the seminar will switch gears slightly and focus on monitoring and verification of Interfaces, Compression, Storage, Transport of Digital and File Based content digital video troubleshooting. The big news is the transition from SDI to IP with the adaption of SMPTE 2022.6, SMPTE 2022.7 and SMPTE 2110. This move to IP adds another layer of abstraction to the challenges to our troubleshooting methodology. The physical layer concerns of 12G SDI will covered.

Optimizing the configuration of an encoder is all about getting the highest quality at the lowest bitrate, so we need to implement a method of repeatable and objective optimization based on human vision sciences. We will then cover File Based Content and how to verify that the content is ready for transcoding, storage, and distribution in The Cloud and how do we capitalize on its efficiencies. Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) monitoring is now needed to evaluate content quality on distribution systems with dynamically changing available bandwidth.

We will end the day with the opportunity for hands on time and one on one discussion of your technical challenges.

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