Understanding the PCI Express 4.0/5.0 Test Methodologies and Measurement Challenges - Webinar

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Due to increasing requirements imposed by cloud-based compute power, storage capacity, and network bandwidth, the server/storage industry is rapidly progressing to PCIE Gen5. This rapid progression brings an entirely new set of test and measurement challenges for both base silicon testing and CEM compliance testing. 

This webinar will discuss these new test and measurement challenges for PCIE Gen4-5 and provide insights on how new test solutions can assist with automation, validation, and debug. 

The key topics covered in this presentation are as follows: 

  • Review PCIe Gen4-5 Tx and Rx specifications and test requirements and methodologies, focusing on notable differences from previous generations and specific measurement challenges
  • Debugging Loopback Initiation and Link Training with protocol-aware BERTScope and high-bandwidth oscilloscope

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