Fundamentals of Jitter Analysis Webinar

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Portland, OR 97077
United States


Jitter is an unwelcome companion on all electrical systems that use voltage transitions to represent timing information. As signaling rates climb higher to increase the data throughput and voltage swings shrink to conserve power, the jitter in a system becomes a significant percentage of the signaling interval. Under these circumstances, jitter becomes a fundamental performance limit.

In this webinar we will define Jitter, classify it into different components and gain a better understanding of to how to characterize and visualize it. In addition, we will cover channel embedding/de-embedding, model CDRs and reference equalization. We will also use PCI Express as an example of specific jitter methodologies that are defined in a mainstream I/O standard.

By attending, you will learn about:

  • Jitter and components
  • Jitter separation algorithms
  • Jitter characterization and visualization
  • Embedding/de-embedding channels
  • Applying model CDRs and reference receiver equalization
  • How PCI Express defines jitter and related measurements

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