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TekShare - The Power of Sharing of Minds

Engineers are great problem solvers. However, sometimes we feel overwhelmed or even left alone at our wit’s end. The Tektronix TekShare Live Casts Series aims at sharing the insights, tips and tricks we had learned from working with many other engineers like you around the world, such that you can see your problems in a new perspective and approach them in a new different way, getting it solved faster and easier.

Watch the video with Benny Xu, the Greater China and ASEAN Senior Marketing Director to explain why Tektronix is doing TekShare Live Casts series and how can you benefit from it.

TekShare Webinars

To facilitate engineering learning of latest test and measurement of various applications, we are consolidating many on-demand webinars for your self-paced learning. We will continue to add new webinar videos throughout the year. Please bookmark this TekShare Series page.

Here are the upcoming Live Webinars: