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Faq Test 123

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Does the 2 Series MSO support filter math?
Due to the limited display area on the 2 Series MSO's user interface, there is no filter button available for adding filter math waveforms.  However, the 2 Series MSO supports filter files (.flt).  To apply filter math, you will need to write the equation …

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Does the TBS1000C support serial bus decode?
There is no built-in serial bus decode in the TBS1000C series. However, with the TekScope PC software, you can decode serial bus data traces captured from the TBS1000C. The TekScope Starter license includes I2C and RS232 serial bus decode, which can be …

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Is there an EDU version of TBS1000C available?
We no longer offer a separate EDU version for the TBS1000C series. Instead, the educational features are standard on both the TBS1000C and TBS2000B. Educational features include: HelpEverywhere - on-screen tips that explain different instrument …

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Is there a rackmount kit for TBS1000C series?
The rackmount kit RM2000B for the TBS1000C is obsoleted, and there is no replacement.  We recommend using a generic 19-inch rack tray as an alterative.

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KickStart Battery Simulator App FAQs

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How to measure Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR)?
The Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, or TCR, is a measurement of a resistor's change in resistance per change in temperature. It is typically measured in ppm/°C, that is, parts-per-million change in ohms per change of 1 degree centigrade. Common …

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What is the bandwidth of Spectrum View on the MSO4/5/6?
Spectrum View is a unique approach to frequency domain analysis present on some Tektronix oscilloscopes that allows you to simultaneously examine time and frequency aspects of a single signal. Learn more about Spectrum View here.  The minimum bandwidth of …

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KickStart Battery Simulator App FAQs
What benefits does the KickStart Software Battery Simulator App provide? The new Battery Simulator App includes: Ability to generate, edit, and simulate custom battery models using the 2380 E-load, 2281S Battery …

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What is the battery charging time for the 2 Series MSO?
Charging with the instrument OFF One battery: ~3 hours Two batteries: ~5 hours Charging with the instrument ON One battery: ~6 hours Two batteries: ~10 hours Charging with the external battery charger TEKCHG-01, the charge time is 5 hours …

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