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Engineer making measurements on a traction inverter

Solutions for Automotive Technologies

Accelerating the future of mobility with innovative test and measurement solutions

Experience the power of Tektronix's innovative test and measurement solutions, driving the future of mobility in the automotive industry. Stay ahead of the digital transformation and overcome engineering challenges with our advanced instrumentation. 

Explore Solutions for Electric Vehicles and Beyond

Electric vehicle traction inverter and motor

Enhance Electric Vehicle Performance with End-to-End Visibility

Unleash the potential of electric vehicles with our comprehensive solutions. From traction inverters and motors to precise battery measurement, our oscilloscopes, probes and special analysis software provide unparalleled visibility, empowering you to optimize range and efficiency. 


See-through view of electric vehicle shows battery and powertrain

Maximize Efficiency and Safety with Advanced Battery Testing Solutions

Gain deep insights into the state of your EV batteries with Tektronix's precision voltage and current measurements. Our advanced solutions enable you to accurately assess the condition of battery cells, modules, and packs, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for the heart of any electric vehicle. 
reliable in-vehicle networks

Ensure Reliable and Fast Data Flow in Your Vehicle

Maximize the reliability of in-vehicle networks with Tektronix. Decode protocols and perform compliance testing to ensure seamless and fast data transfer throughout your vehicle. Stay connected and in control with our expertise in automotive network solutions.
EMI EMC pre-compliance testing and debugging in automotive

Streamline Automotive Design with EMI/EMC Testing and Debugging

Keep your design programs on track with our EMI/EMC solutions. Our pre-compliance testing and fast debugging capabilities enable you to identify and address electromagnetic interference issues efficiently. Drive progress with confidence and meet your automotive standards.
Automotive EVSE

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Measurements and Testing

Get help toward your goals of reducing electric vehicle charging times, while enhancing charging station reliability and maintaining safety. Smart, flexible testing solutions enable engineers to quickly troubleshoot and validate their designs.

Automotive Calibration Services

Let Tektronix provide ISO 17025 accredited calibration for all of your tools, sensors and test equipment.

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Automotive Brochure

Automotive Electronics - Test and Measurement Solutions

Discover the test and measurement solutions Tektronix offers for automotive electronics. This brochure provides information for EV Powertrain, EV Charging, In-Vehicle Networks and EMI/EMC testing.
Case Study

Chalmers Case Study: Problem solving every step of the way

A Swedish student engineering team successfully builds an electric all-wheel drive Formula Student race car with four independent engines and a 600v battery with the help of Tektronix equipment.
VisIC Technologies: Driving gains in the EV powertrain
Case Study

VisIC Technologies: Driving gains in the EV powertrain

VisIC has pioneered the use of GaN-based transistors in automotive inverters and is using powerful Tektronix equipment to deliver significant efficiency gains for electric cars. Read their story here.