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  • Generic Precompensation Plug-in - v1.4

    Generic Precompensation Plug-in - v1.4

    The Generic Precompensation plug-in is used to create correction coefficients that can be applied to waveforms to obtain a flat frequency response and linear phase response.The plug-in is designed to integrate and operate seamlessly with SourceXpress …
  • Multitone and Chirp V2.0

    Multitone and Chirp V2.0

    The Multitone plug-in is a waveform creation plug-in to create multitone or continuous chirp waveforms. Multitone plug-in can be installed on a PC which has SourceXpress application or on AWG 70000 instrument with v5.3 or later. Multitone waveforms …
  • High Speed Serial Plug-in - V1.3

    High Speed Serial Plug-in - V1.3

    The High Speed Serial (HSS) plug-in is a waveform creation application that takes an input pattern and creates pre-distorted waveforms to test a device's conformance to standards. The High Speed Serial plug-in can be installed on a PC which has …
  • Optical plug-in - V1.3

    Optical plug-in - V1.3

    The Tektronix Optical Signal Plug-in is a waveform creation tool that is optimized for the generation of waveforms with complex modulation schemes for the purpose of testing optical communications components and other devices. The Optical Signal …