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Solutions to the Challenges of EV Traction Inverter Testing

Multichannel Tektronix Oscilloscopes and EA Elektro-Automatik Bidirectional Power Supplies

Enhancement of EV traction Inverter design contributes to improved vehicle range and performance. In-depth test and analysis of current and next-generation 3-phase inverters requires:

Reliable Hardware

Seamless Compatibility

In-Depth Analysis

Intuitive Operation

Precision Measurements

Your sales representative can provide assistance in designing a custom solution to address your requirements. A typical solution includes:

  • Bidirectional Power Supply (EA 10000 Series)
  • 5 Series B MSO oscilloscope with 1GHz bandwidth (MSO58B (1) (5-BW-1000) 8-channel )
  • Automotive Analysis Software Bundle for IMDA, DQ0 Analysis and serial bus decoding (5-PRO-AUTOMOTIVE-3Y)
  • High voltage differential probe (THDP0200 (3) 200 MHz +/-750 V)
  • 120 MHz, 30 Arms, spilt-core AC/DC current probe (TCP0030A (3))
  • 8-channel logic probe (TLP058 (1))
  • TekScope PC Software for off-line analysis (TEKSCOPE-ULTIMATE)
  • TekDrive Data Storage Subscription (TEKDRIVE-STARTER)

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Solution Benefits and Capabilities

Oscilloscopes :
  • Motor drive analysis filters for stable triggering on PWM signals
  • Display of phase magnitude, angle, and balance information for 3-phase signals
  • High-speed data acquisition for identifying problems during dynamic load changes
  • Support for common angle, speed and torque sensors
  • DQ0 analysis for evaluating controller performance
  • Decoding capability for automotive control buses
  • A wide range of available current and voltage probes
Power Supplies:
  • High voltage, more than 800 V, and high current power sourcing to meet the traction inverter and motor power demands
  • High current sinking for testing regenerative braking performance
  • Ability to return braking energy to the facility for reuse
  • Robust power source thermal management to maintain a safe operating temperature under all load conditions