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EA-BT 20000 Battery Tester Request

Battery Testing From Cell, to Module, to Pack

The EA-BT 20000 series from EA Elektro-Automatik offers a battery tester with regenerative energy recovery. These two quadrant devices serve as both chargers and electronic loads, allowing for efficient discharging. In discharging mode, the device regenerates energy and feeds it back into the local grid with an impressive efficiency of over 96%.

The EA-BT 20000 series includes three phase units that can be used with a wide range of global mains voltages. The DC voltages and currents can be customized to suit the application, with a spectrum ranging from 0 - 10 V to 0 - 2000 V and from 0 - 40 A to 0 - 1000 A in a single device. The DC supply operates as a flexible output stage with a constant power characteristic, offering a wide voltage and current range.

To achieve even higher power and current, all units in the BT 20000 series are equipped with a Master-Auxiliary-Bus. This allows for up to 64 parallel connected devices to be combined into one system, providing an impressive 1920 kW and 64000 A. This system can be used as a cell, module and a battery module tester or a battery pack tester, offering versatility and scalability.

In addition to its power capabilities, the BT 20000 series offers various features and functions to enhance the battery testing process. These include alarm and warning management, industrial interfaces, software solutions, and more.

With these additional functionalities, users can have a comprehensive and efficient battery testing system. Overall, the BT 20000 series from EA Elektro-Automatik is a powerful and versatile solution for battery testing. Its regenerative energy recovery, wide input range, and flexible output stage make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Whether testing battery cells, modules or battery packs, this series offers the power and functionality needed for accurate and efficient testing.

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