Preparing engineering students to turn ideas into reality

Prepare future engineers for tomorrow’s exciting challenges with Tektronix Education Solutions.

  • A comprehensive line of quality bench instruments from high performance oscilloscopes to precision source measure units that help train future engineers
  • Efficient instrument management solution with classroom content delivery via network-based TekSmartLab™ Software Solution, designed to make teaching and learning easier and more immersive
  • Intuitive control for Tektronix and Keithley bench instruments, automated measurement data logging, and easy waveform exporting in the required format to eliminate extra time and effort with TekBench Control Software.
  • Over 700 free lab exercises in 11 languages for an enhance classroom learning environment. Available at the Tektronix Courseware Resource Center
  • Ask us about our Everyday Discount for Educators!


Introduction to Vector Network Analyzers Basics

This paper discusses why VNAs are used and how they are unique compared to other RF test equipment

Vector Network Analyzer Fundamentals

Poster that shows types of measurement errors, Basic VNA operation, Smith chart basics, Common S-parameter names, VNA calibration methods and more.

Performance, size, reliability, affordability. Choose four. White Paper.

The TTR500A Series VNA includes an impressive array of technological and patented advances that allow it to bend many of the traditional trade-offs between RF performance, size, reliability, and cost.

An Engineer’s Test Bench

A poster of the "An Engineer’s Test Bench"

Troubleshooting Three Phase Permanent Magnet AC Motor Using Tektronix MSO2024 Oscilloscope

Troubleshooting motor controls in a solar-powered vehicle using an MSO2000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope.  Written by members of the Oregon State University Solar Vehicle Team, winners of the Formula Sun Grand Prix.

The Teaching Oscilloscope: Basic Features and Functions

Easy to print 11x17 poster identifying basic features and functions of the TBS1000B-EDU Teaching Oscilloscope.

Efficient Courseware Management using the Tektronix TBS1000B-EDU Education Oscilloscope

The new TBS1000B-EDU Series oscilloscope courseware makes creating basic lab experiments more efficient and provides an easier method for students to review and complete the labs directly on the oscilloscope.

Getting Back to the Basics of DC Electrical Measurements

Refresh your knowledge of making quality DC electrical measurements.

Nanotechnology Measurement Handbook

Request your copy of Keithley's guide to electrical measurements for nanoscience applications.

Oscilloscope Measurement Lab: Triggering

Lab exercise teaches general oscilloscope triggering and how to use edge triggering and pulse-width triggering on a TDS2000C or TBS1000 Series oscilloscope.

Find out how to take voltage and time measurements off the oscilloscope display…


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This video introduces how to install TekSmartLab software, TSL3000B, on Win7/win8…


This video tutorial will introduce you to basic time and amplitude measurements…


Tektronix complete solution for educational labs includes the innovative…


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In this video tutorial we'll show you how to make digital signal amplitude…


Anyone can twiddle the knobs on a scope and get something. And there’s always “…


The TBS1000B-EDU helps instructors prepare tomorrow’s engineers for the future,…

12 Things to Consider When Selecting your Next Oscilloscope

Technical Marketing Manager Wilson Lee discusses important criteria to use when choosing your next oscilloscope. 


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