Asynchronous Time Interleaving (ATI) Technology

The Key to Low Noise, High Fidelity, Ultra-Bandwidth Performance

Today’s systems are being pushed to provide peak performance, which in turn pushes the limits of the components contained in those systems. Whether it is coherent optical for long-haul communication, the latest generation radar systems, closed-eye architecture high speed serial data communication channels, or systems designed to capture very fast events in research, they all must be tested. And the test equipment must rise to the challenge of outstanding bandwidth, exceptional signal fidelity, and configurability to meet the individual needs of the test environment.

The DPO70000SX Series with Tektronix’ patented ATI technology brings a new level of oscilloscope bandwidth, sample rate, and low noise performance that offers more accurate signal capture and wider test margins to meet these challenges.

  • Digitizing entire signal by each ADC path provides flatter response throughout system bandwidth
  • Symmetrical architecture with matched ADC paths ensures more accurate signal reconstruction
  • Unique digitizing and reconstruction technique reduces noise by up to 3dB

Techniques for Extending Real-Time Oscilloscope Bandwidth

Download for a detailed description of the ATI process and how it offers the lowest noise, highest fidelity, maximum performance.




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