Tektronix Video System Integration CAD File

Tektronix makes available outline drawings for system integrators of the following video products:

  • Waveform monitors.
    • WFM4000,WFM5000,WFM5200,WFM5250,WFM6120, WFM7200, WFM8200, and WFM8300.
  • Waveform rasterizers.
    • WVR4000, WVR5000, WVR5200, WVR5250, WVR7200, WVR8200, and WVR8300.
  • Test signal generators.
    • SPG300, SPG600, SPG700, SPG8000, SPG8000A, TG700, and TG8000.
  • Changeover units.
    • ECO422D, ECO8000, and ECO8020.



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