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Wir freuen uns, den ganzen Tag mit Ihnen über Technik zu sprechen, aber wir wissen, dass Sie es eilig haben. Daher haben wir es Ihnen leicht gemacht, Handbücher, Datenblätter und Software für alle unsere aktuellen Produkte und viele nicht mehr verfügbare Produkte herunterzuladen. Sagen Sie uns einfach, welches Produkt Sie verwenden, und wir zeigen Ihnen alles, was wir haben.

Das von Ihnen ausgesuchte Produkt kann derzeit gekauft werden. Außerdem stehen die folgenden Supportinformationen zur Verfügung.

  • Technische Dokumente Dokumenttyp Veröffentlichungsdatum
    Choosing the Right Power Supply for Accurate Power Delivery
    Choosing the right power supply for your application requires a good understanding of how they are specified. In this application note, learn how to interpret linear power supply specifications like accuracy and resolution, load and line regulation …
    2014 Bench Products Catalog
    To complement our oscilloscopes, we offer a portfolio of bench instruments designed with the same ease-of-use you've come to expect from us over the last 60 years. From dedicated buttons for common functions to USB ports for saving data. Our …
    Power Supply Selection Guide
    Tektronix PWS4000 Series versus Keithley 2200 Series Comparison Factsheet
    This factsheet provides a basic comparison for those transitioning from the Tektronix PWS4000 Series Power Supplies to the Keithley 2200 Series Power Supplies.
    DC Power Supply Technical Information
    Programmable DC Power Supplies DC power supplies provide a regulated DC output to power a component, a module, or a device. A good DC power supply must deliver voltage and current that is stable and precise, with minimal noise to any type of …
    Technisches Informationsblatt
    Selector Guide - General Purpose Bench Power Supplies, Special Purpose Power Supplies, and Electronic Loads
    Choose the best bench power supply for your application. Tektronix and Keithley offer a comprehensive portfolio of bench power supplies to address your power sourcing needs from basic to the most challenging requirements for automated test, education …
    Power Supplies E-Guide
    Power Supplies E-Guide
  • Software Dokumenttyp Teilenummer Veröffentlichungsdatum
    LabVIEW SignalExpress Step for PWS4000, V2.1.0
    This Step provides the capability to connect, control and log the data from the PWS4000 series instruments from the Signal Express Environment.
    Anwendungsgebiet 066126701
    TEKTRONIX PWS4000 IVI-COM Driver V1.0
    The PWS4000 IVI-COM Driver is an IVI class-compliant driver. It complies with IviDCPwr Class Specification (IVI-4.4) as defined by the IVI foundation. An IVI class-compliant specific driver for a DC Power Supply exports the API defined by the …
    Anwendungsgebiet 066126900
    Series 2200 and Series PWS4000 Single Output Power Supplies Adjustment Program
    Series 2200 and Series PWS4000 Single Output Power Supplies Adjustment Program
    Anwendungsgebiet PC2200-4000_ADJ
  • A bench power supply is a standard piece of equipment on every engineer’s bench. A variety of types are available all with different features and functions to suit your design and debug …
    Dauer: 2m 56s
    Power supplies are used to test a wide variety of devices. Many of these devices require good sourcing accuracy and low noise voltage. Watch this video to learn how to measure output noise and …