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The Audio Engineering Challenge

Audio professionals perform monitoring tasks ranging from routine audio verification to complex troubleshooting. These engineers strive to provide an adequate audio experience for different types of viewers, assuring loudness consistency across programs.

In order to meet these challenges, audio engineers need easy-to-interpret displays with basic audio parameters ... and they need the power to efficiently identify and correct problems when they occur.

AMM768 is a versatile solution that provides intuitive and easy to use monitoring for basic verification tasks, and powerful capabilities required for more advanced audio analysis.

The examples below will show for two levels of needs how AMM768 tools facilitate different monitoring tasks.

Basic Monitoring – Routine Verification Tasks

Audio engineers need to deliver high quality content quickly and cost-effectively. Using efficient tools allows them to detect errors promptly and avoid costly and time-consuming reworks.

Need: Avoid basic errors such as clips, overs, silences and mutes

The s


urround sound* display facilitates the analysis of 5.1 audio with an intuitive representation of channel volumes, phantom location and correlations.

"In-bar" messages show status conditions for each channel, reducing the likelihood of an undetected audio problem.

AMM768 also provides FlexVu™ 4-tile display to show different views simultaneously and simplify the verification tasks.

Need: Maintain program loudness within specified levels

The audio session display provides the most intuitive and complete report of key audio quality parameters, including loudness per channel, pair and program.

It also provides the total count of clips, overs, silences and mutes per channel for the duration of a program.

For environments where the instrument must be shared by different work groups, AMM768 provides 20 customizable presets that can be loaded via the USB port. This feature maintains low operational costs and high efficiency.
Need: Assure adequate audio quality for viewers with simple stereo televisions and those with advanced, cinema-quality sound

AMM768 allows for down-conversion of any type of input audio to its analog or digital outputs, and provides a convenient front headphone port for quick verification of any pair of channels (including LTRT).


Advanced Monitoring – Content Analysis and Correction Tasks

When problems occur, audio engineers need to detect and correct them quickly. Having the correct tools simplifies these tasks, thereby increasing productivity.


Need: Identify and correct errors quickly and efficiently

AMM768 provides the most powerful error log, keeping up to 10,000 events with timecode for easy identification and correction. The log can be downloaded via ethernet to a PC and can be shared electronically for additional analysis or record-keeping.

Need: Coordinate audio to video content

The exclusive picture display with closed caption decoding facilitates "audio sweetening" tasks. Audio engineers can visualize scenes to which they are adding sound, using a single instrument so that audio and video can be properly coordinated.

This capability increases efficiency and reduces costs by eliminating the need for an external video monitor and CC decoders.


Need: Trace intermittent failures or conduct periodic monitoring

With advanced status reports via SNMP, AMM768 provides customizable information on signal values, as often as every second.

For example, the level and loudness of any combination of channels can be tracked graphically or numerically and results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet for analysis of loudness fluctuations between programs.



In Summary

Audio engineers perform verification and analysis tasks. They need a versatile instrument that will simplify their work in both cases.

AMM768 provides, at a glance, all the information needed for basic monitoring and powerful tools for more detailed audio analysis ... cost-effectively.

*Audio Surround Sound Display licensed from RTW GmbH & Co. KG of Cologne, Germany.