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TLA5000 Series Upgrade Guide

Software Support User Library

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Tektronix has a large library of support software for the TLA5000 Series logic analyzers. This software is free of charge upon request from your local Tektronix account manager or from the Tektronix Customer Support Center. Examples include:

  • Processor/Bus Support In addition to its Tektronix-developed TMSxxx processor/bus support, Tektronix has a wide variety of Application Engineer-developed processor/bus support. If you need a particular processor/bus support package customized for your application, be sure to contact your local Tektronix account manager or the Tektronix Customer Support Center to see if your particular device is supported.
  • PACQMEM (Packed Acquisition Memory) Oftentimes, an application (e.g., video, radar, disk drives, serial communications, etc.) would benefit from trading channels for record length. Tektronix offers a special support package for the TLA family of logic analyzers called PACQMEM. PACQMEM comes in a wide variety of channel and memory configurations. Depending upon the width of the TLA logic analyzer, channels can be traded for memory at up to a 16-to-1 ratio. As an example, a single TLA7Q4 136 channel logic analyzer module with 64 Mb could provide 1/16 or 8 channels at 16x the record length for a total of 1 GB. A merged set of three TLA7Q4 136 channel logic analyzer modules could provide 24 channels at 1 GB record length.
  • TPI (TLA Programmatic Interface) Software Examples In addition to the TLAScript capability provided in all TLA Application Software, Tektronix has several examples on how to effectively use TPI to remotely control your TLA logic analyzer.
  • TLA-GPIB While the TLA logic analyzers have LAN, there are occasions where control via GPIB is required. TLA-GPIB makes the TLA logic analyzers GPIB-programmable using the TLA Programmatic Interface (TPI), which is based upon Microsoft COM/DCOM. All TLA Series TPI functions are supported, including Load or Save: System, Module and Trigger setups; Start, Stop or Get system run status; Get module configurations; Get acquired data; Export data to the TLA700 file system; and Transfer any kind of file to and from the TLA file system. TLA-GPIB is available as an Excel 97 spreadsheet or as a compiled Visual Basic program.
  • TLA Serial Analysis Convert serial data streams to a parallel format for easy triggering and display.

If you have any questions about what upgrades you may need, or any applications or technical questions, you can contact the Tektronix Technical Support Center by either phone or e-mail:

  • Inside US: 1-800-TEK-WIDE (1-800-835-9433, ext. 2400) (6AM-5PM PST)
  • Outside US: (503) 627-2400 (6AM-5PM PST)
  • E-mail: [email protected]