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Tektronix Component Solutions: IC Package Design

As a part of our turn-key IC packaging services, Tektronix Component Solutions offers advanced in-house IC package design services. Our experienced team can manage the complete IC package design process, from technology selection, to signal and power integrity analysis, to thermo-mechanical modeling and substrate layout, we have the capabilities to optimize the performance of your components while ensuring manufacturability.

Tektronix Component Solutions utilizes a variety of advanced design tools to develop complete, high-performance IC packages:

Electrical Design

By taking a co-design approach for custom, high-performance IC package design, our multi-disciplinary design team routinely solves the toughest challenges for our customers: high-speed signal performance, tight tolerances for signal integrity, power management, and high-density layout. Throughout the design process, our engineering team utilizes a variety of advanced tools for electrical design, simulation and analysis, the output of which can be shared with our customers during design reviews and other development milestones.

As a part of our IC package design services, our team can select and design the appropriate substrate to meet the needs of your application. Our substrate design experience includes, but is not limited to:

We maintain close relationships with a variety of key substrate suppliers to understand emerging technologies and the benefits they can bring to your devices.

Thermo-mechanical Design

Thermal management is a key consideration in package design, especially when dealing with high-performance devices that generate a lot of heat. That's why Tektronix Component Solutions provides component and system level thermal simulation services to maintain suitable IC junction temperatures. Our thermo-mechanical design team manages appropriate lid and thermal interface material selection, as well as mechanical layout, to ensure effective heat flow from the IC through the package.

Case Study - 15 GHz ADC Custom Package Design & Assembly