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Tektronix offers a comprehensive associate benefits package that allows you to choose from a selection of health plans, provide financial security to your family through insurance and retirement plans. Below is a brief summary of some of these benefits. For a more detailed description, please go to the additional benefit links listed on the navigation bar.

Health Care

Health care benefits (e.g., medical, prescription, vision, dental) are available to Tektronix associates for a minimal premium cost and a significant subsidy is provided for coverage for eligible dependents. A same sex domestic partner is considered an eligible dependent.

90/10 and 80/20 Medical Plan Options: You have the choice of at least two medical plan options. Each option covers the same wide range of health care services and supplies, including office visits, hospitalization and prescription drugs. The options differ in how you share cost and access care. Each time you need medical care, you have the choice of using an in-network or out-of-network provider. However, you receive higher benefits when you use in-network providers. Benefits will be provided by United Health Care. (In a few limited areas, Aetna is the provider.)

Vision Care: Associates can elect routine vision care through Vision Service Plan. It will cover lenses and contact lenses every year and frames once every two years. You have the choice of using a network provider or going outside of the network. Using a VSP network doctor will cost you less ($10 co pay for the exam, $25 co pay for the lenses, covered up to $140 of retail price for frames). For contact lenses you are reimbursed up to $130 for elective lenses.

Dental Coverage: CIGNA PPO Dental Plan: You may use any dentist you choose. Plan coverage levels will be the same regardless if you see a network provider or a non-network provider. However, in-network dentists have contracted rates that are within the UCR guidelines. The plan pays 100% of most charges for preventive care, 80% for routine care, and 50% of major restorative services. Benefits are limited to $2,000 per person per calendar year and there is a $50 calendar year deductible on major care.

The Tektronix Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential, professional counseling for associates and their dependents, with services to address substance abuse, loss/grief, family communication, and more. Automatic enrollment - no premium cost to the associate.

Financial Security

Short Term Disability (STD): If you are sick or have a disabling condition which causes you to miss work for more than 7 calendar day, the STD Plan continues your pay for up to 25 weeks. You may use sick time or vacation time to cover the waiting period. This plan pays at 100% for the first 7 weeks then at 75% for the next 18 weeks. Automatic enrollment – no cost to the associate.

Long-Term Disability: If you are disabled beyond 26 weeks, The Long-Term Disability plan will pay 60% base pay, minus any Worker's Compensation or Social Security disability benefits. Optional benefit. Associate pays the cost for this coverage.

Life Insurance: Associate Basic life insurance coverage is equal to $50,000 or 1 ½ times your pay, whichever is higher, at no cost to associate. You can elect additional coverage for yourself by paying a premium. Spouse and child life insurance coverage is also available. Accidental death and dismemberment coverage is available for associates.

Retirement and Wealth Creation

Danaher Corporation & Subsidiary Savings Plan (DSP) (US only): There is no waiting period to participate in the DSP. You are also immediately vested in your contributions.

Company Match: The company will match 100% of the first 3% plus 50% of the next 2% you contribute each pay date that you defer to the plan (maximum safe harbor match is 4%). Participants must complete 1 year of service to be eligible for the match. Matching contributions are calculated on a per pay period basis, based on deferrals for the pay date. Matching contributions will be 100% vested.

Company Retirement/Unilateral: Whether or not you decide to contribute to your DSP account, after one year of service, Tektronix will make a basic contribution for you every payday. The Basic Contribution equals 3% of your eligible pay and you pay no tax on the Basic Contribution until the time of withdrawal. Company contributions (match and unilateral) will be vested after 3 years of service with the Company.

Other Benefits

  • Three weeks paid vacation, four weeks after five years
  • Eleven paid holidays
  • Family/medical leave
  • Adoption assistance
  • Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
  • Credit union
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Discount to preferred fitness center provider
  • Access to on-site fitness center on Beaverton Campus (with nominal fee)

Internship benefits include:

  • Competitive financial compensation
  • Paid holidays
  • Travel assistance
  • Temporary housing assistance for students having to relocate more than 50 miles
  • Discount to preferred fitness center provider
  • Access to on-site fitness center on Beaverton Campus (with nominal fee)


Benefits at a Glance