K1297-G35-WiMAX. This product is no longer sold

WiMAX testing on the K1297-G35 platform

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This product is no longer sold by Tektronix. Contact NetScout for more information.

Features & Benefits

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Full protocol visibility down to bit level speeds-up diagnosis of design problems; real-time decoding capabilities reduce time to perform system and interoperability tests; complex filters allow quick problem isolation
  • Reduce development and support costs
  • Finding problems earlier in the development cycle is vital; G35 solution can be upgraded following your needs.
  • Message exchanges between the Protocol Tester and the Device Under Test.
  • Sophisticated filters
  • Reduce the data received to the desired essential results; several customizable display formats are available.
  • Record Playback
  • Offline analysis with the same features as available online is available for use on a PC.
  • R1 interface - PHY
  • Decode and Reassembly of the PHY layer (based on the interface –SAP – between PHY and MAC).
  • R6 interface
  • Decode of the interface between Base Station and ASN-GW includes mobility management (handovers)
  • R1 and R6 interfaces
  • Presented in the same window, time-ordered
  • IEEE 802.16e MAC
  • Decode and Reassembly of the 802.16e MAC protocol.
  • PRBS-based BERT
  • Using real time user plane Bit Error Test; works in parallel with protocol analysis and does not require RF tools.


  • The K1297-G35-WiMAX allows quick and cost effective diagnosis of all network functions such as:
  • Network entry
  • Radio resource management
  • Mobility management

The G35 removes the limitations of RF tools, such as:

  • The capability to trace on multiple, concurrent interfaces
  • The duration and size of capture
  • The depth of the analysis especially at higher protocol layers

K1297-G35-WiMAX takes Protocol Test to the next Level

The combination of protocol analysis and real time user plane Bit Error Test (BERT) allows testing of mobile WiMAX MAC and physical layer of the air interface (PHY) layer performance under varying radio conditions. These unique insights allow the correlation between Base Station behavior and end user performance.

The G35 accesses the R1 interface at a Gigabit Ethernet monitoring port on the WiMAX Base Station. By accessing the interface between Medium Access Control (MAC) and PHY the G35 gets full visibility on protocol traffic. In addition, the G35-WiMAX can monitor the R6 interface, between the Base Station and the Access Service Network Gateway (ASN-GW).

It is possible to correlate the Base Station Behavior with End User Performance by viewing protocol traces on R1 and R6 at the same time. (Since R6 includes proprietary protocols, please contact us for information on the support of specific R6 implementations.)


Figure 2 - WiMax Monitoring Window with Filter Dialog


Figure 3 – K1297-G35 Protocol Tester


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