Audio Test Monitor
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Features & Benefits

  • Graphic CRT Display of Stereo Audio Signal
  • AGC for Continuously Viewable Pattern
  • Bar Graph for Quick Setups and Accurate Peak Indication
  • Third Bar Indicates Mono Compatibility when Set to L+R
  • Suitable for Phase and Amplitude Measurements
  • Scale and Dynamics Conform to IEEE ppm Standard
  • EXPAND SCALE Feature Increases Resolution at -8 dB Level for Accurate Line-ups
  • White Phosphor CRT Option Available


  • Audio Equipment Setup
  • Audio Post Production
  • Creative Adjustments

With the Tektronix 760A Stereo Audio Monitor, the audio engineer can analyze a pattern display of the stereo audio signal. This display, along with a high resolution bar graph, provides accurate monitoring and measurement capabilities. Used in both operation and setup, the instrument provides immediate feed-back of the audio signal for creative or technical correction. With the appropriate test signals, the unit can also be used for accurate phase and amplitude measurements.

On the CRT and adjacent bar graph, you can observe amplitude information, stereo separation, and phase correlation between the left and right channels. Also of great importance, you can see monaural amplitudes resulting from the stereo channels.

Your choice of automatic or manual gain control provides flexible control of the pattern size. With no input signal, the display will dim to prolong CRT life.

Two calibrated bars are dedicated to the left and right channels. The input to a third bar is selectable from Sum, Difference (both internally derived) and an Auxiliary input on the rear panel. These bars give the operator even greater resolution for setting line-up level when the EXPAND SCALE push button is depressed. This increases resolution around the line-up point of the bars. A selectable three second PEAK HOLD control makes level monitoring easier than ever.

The 760A is ideally suited for use in editing suites, master control, transmission and any other locations where monitoring the stereo audio signal is a must.


760A Rear Panel.


Display Range - Normal: +8 to -45 dB.

Green to 0 dB.

Red above 0 dB.

Expanded: -5 to -11 dB.

Expands around -8 dB (TEST).

Resolution - Normal: 0.4 dB, +8 to -20 dB.

Expanded: 0.1 dB.

Jumper selectable to 0, +4, +8 +12, +16 dBu for 0 dB indication.

Accuracy @ 1 kHz - ±0.3 dB at 0 dB.

Audio Inputs

Balanced Bridging - >10 kΩ/side.

Termination - Selectable from >20 kΩ, 600 Ω, 150 Ω (internal jumper).

Protection - Will withstand 50 V peak common-mode input, DC to 20 kHz, without damage.

Sensitivity - Gain selectable for 0 dB bar indication for sine waves of 0, +4, +8, +12 and +16 dBu (internal jumper).

CRT Display

Graticule -

L, R, L = R and L = -R lines.

Major and minor tics for phase: measurements at 10° and 5° respectively, on L axis.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) - Control range -28 dB.

Gain Match and Tracking (over AGC range) - ±0.3 dB.

Phase Match - ±1° at 0 dB.

Frequency Response - ±0.5 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Z-axis Dimming - With absence of signal.

Bar Graph
100 Segment LED

Peak Hold - Switchable On/Off: approximately 3 seconds.

Attack/Decay Dynamics - 760A: ppm per draft IEEE Standard, IEC 268-10, and EBU 2305.

Frequency Response - ±0.5 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz from: +8 to -20 dB

Gain Match - ±0.3 dB.

Crosstalk - A full scale signal on any channel causes no indication on remaining bars.

Front Panel Controls
Power On/Off

For CRT Display - Intensity, Gain Auto/Man/Cal, Horizontal/Vertical Position, Focus, Trace Rotation.

For Bar Graph - Third Bar Selector (L + R) / 2 , (L - R) / 2, AUX; Peak Hold On/Off; EXPAND SCALE.

Rear Panel Connectors

XLR Inputs - Left, Right, Auxiliary.


110 V - 90 – 132 V

220 V - 180 – 250 V


Power Consumption - 30 W max.


Temperature -

Operating: 0 °C to +50 °C

Non-Operating: -55 °C to +75 °C

Humidity - Will operate at 95% relative humidity for up to five days.

Altitude -

Operating: 15,000 ft.

Non-Operating: 50,000 ft.


EMC - Certified to the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC.

Safety -

Approved to: UL1244,

CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.231.

Complies with: HD401 S1, IEC 348.

Physical Characteristics




Weight: Approximately















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