Tektronix Receiver Test Application - V1.0.0.138

The "Tektronix Receiver Test Application" supports test automation of PCIe3.0 and PCIe4.0 CEM devices. This software runs on a PC and connects to a BERTScope equipment via TCP/IP.It uses remote control automation protocols to perform automated BER testing.The software calibrates DPP (BSA only), amplitude and stressed eye. The calibration results are saved in a Microsoft Access 2007 database.Preset and BER tests are performed by stepping through a wizard that automates theprocess of loopback initiation and testing. The results are stored in a built-in database and can be reported as HTML files or exported to CSV Files.

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This software applies to: BSA175C, BSA260C, BSA286C, BSX125, BSX240, BSX320, BSA286CL, BSXPCI4CEM


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