Tektronix’s Audio Test solutions can ensure audio loudness monitoring and compliance from Post Production, through to Broadcasters and Cable Operators. Our consistent Audio test and measurement approach makes Audio Loudness measurements the same way, regardless of signal or file format. This consistency enables traceability across the workflow and transmission chain.


Audio Loudness Monitoring How-To Guide

This hands-on guide making Audio Loudness measurements with the Tektronix waveform monitors or rasterizers provides step by step instructions on how to configure a waveform monitor to make loudness measurements to one of the standards ATSC A/85, EBU R 128 or ARIB  TR-B.32.

Measuring Video and Audio Quality of Experience (QoE)

This application note shows you how to objectively rate a program at different points in the network to understand and pinpoint when and where degradation has occurred.

Audio Monitoring

Audio devices use either balanced or unbalanced signals. Each format has its own physical and electrical characteristics and specific strengths and weaknesses. A good understanding of these formats will aid in the understanding and appropriate application of audio signals.

Guide to Standard HD Digital Video Measurements

This guide discusses the basics of the digital signal and illustrates the measurements available to ensure your signals are valid & legal.

Aux Status Display Monitoring of ANC Data How To Guide

This How To Guide provides an overview of how to configure the instrument to check for the presence of up to 3 ANC Data Types.

AV Delay: Audio Video Delay MeasurementsApplication note providing an overview of how to address and correct Lip Sync errors.
Closed Caption Monitoring How To GuideThis how to guide on Closed Caption Monitoring discusses the variety of methods to add captioning to program materials, for both SD and HD content.
Surround Sound Audio Monitoring

Surround-sound technology has merged with digital television and other digital video technologies to create the home theater. Audio and video professionals need monitoring displays that help them visualize the auditory image that the viewer will experience.


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