Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Did you know that most projects fail EMI/EMC testing the first time? Avoid delays in your schedule and  save money by catching compliance problems early. When you perform Pre-compliance testing in your lab you greatly improve the probability of a successful first pass of full EMI compliance testing.

The video and technical document below show you how you can perform pre-compliance checks with cost-effective tools from Tektronix.


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Low-cost EMI Pre-compliance Testing Using a Spectrum Analyzer

Learn about pre-compliance testing for the wireless standards and if you need it.

Practical EMI Troubleshooting

This application note gives guidance on connecting information in test reports to a source of radiated emissions using a mixed domain oscilloscope.

Conducted and Radiated Emissions Testing
Real-Time Spectrum Analysis for EMI Diagnostics

Observe the different stages of design and test with respect to test equipment and EMI measurement techniques.

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