WVR7200 Rasterizer

Multi-format, multi-standard

The monitoring and measurement capabilities of the WVR7200 provide a comprehensive suite of options and configurations to suit a variety of applications. Within a studio or on-location within a truck, match and balance up to 4 cameras to insure the look of the production from camera to camera, and scene to scene. For 3D Stereoscopic Monitoring, a variety of different 3D monitoring modes are available to assist you in determining the difference between the Left Eye and Right Eye views.

Tektronix unique Gamut displays simplify the process of Color Correction for editors and colorists. The extensive error logging saves time in evaluating quality assurance issues with your program content. The WVR7200 provides a complete monitoring tool set for optimum sound quality. Loudness monitoring ensures consistent audio loudness levels between programs and commercials. Up to 16 channels of embedded audio levels can be Monitored, as well as Dolby Audio.

Models in the WVR7200 Rasterizer Series: 

Model Formats Features Measurements Monitoring Generator Options Form Factor List Price
WVR7200 SD, HD, Dual Link, 3G (Option 3G), NTSC/PAL (Option CPS) FlexVu, SIM (Option SIM) Data Analysis (Option DAT), Physical Layer (Option PHY3) Multiple Inputs, Gamut, 3D Stereoscopic (Option S3D), Multi-mode(Option 2SDI), Audio (Option AD/DPE) Basic Test Signal (Option GEN) 1 RU Full Depth, Full Width; AC Get Price



Industry-leading Gamut Displays

Tektronix patented gamut displays including Diamond, Arrowhead, LQV & Spearhead Displays (Opt. PROD) for more precise color grading

Simplifies maintaining color compliance across a variety of formats and color space.

Simultaneous closed caption or teletext subtitle displays

Quick verification of multiple closed caption (CEA608 & CEA708) or teletext subtitle (WST/OP47) feeds in multiple languages or standards

within multiple picture displays

Multi-Input Mode

Allows multiple inputs  (up to 4 SDI with Opt. 2SDI) to be viewed simultaneously in full screen mode. Allows operates to easily adjust multiple camera inputs for camera balance applications.

Video & Audio Session Screens and Status Displays

Simplifies monitoring tasks with exclusive displays that provide critical content information at a glance

Simultaneous Input Monitoring

(Opt. SIM)

SIM mode allows two channels to be simultaneously viewed for  HD and SD monitoring or transparency checking during format conversion

Extensive audio toolset

(Opt. AD or DPE)

Monitor a variety of audio formats from analog ,AES, Embedded  or Dolby for audio levels, phase and loudness (ITU-R BS.1770-2).

ANC Data Inspector (Opt. DAT)

Automatically detects and displays the presence, absence and status for all ANC data types

Tektronix patented SMPTE RP168 compliant Timing Display

Simplifies facility timing to a black burst or tri-level sync reference.

Comprehensive physical layer monitoring and measurements (Opt. PHY3)

Makes it easier and faster to track down SDI signal path problems with automated physical layer measurements

Stereoscopic 3D Monitoring (Opt. S3D)

Monitor and visualize the depth of 3D video with left and right eye images.

A/V Delay Measurement (Opt. AVD)

Helps prevent Lip-Sync problems with fast, accurate and repeatable out-of-service A/V delay measurements



LQV (Luminance Qualified Vector) Measurements with the WFM8200/8300 How To Guide

Learn how the patented Luminance Qualified Vector (LQV) Display enhances the current Diamond/Split Diamond, Arrowhead and Vector Displays.

Color Correction for Video

Chapter 3 excerpt from Hullfish's larger book on Color Correction for Video.

Audio Loudness Monitoring How-To Guide

This hands-on guide making Audio Loudness measurements with the Tektronix waveform monitors or rasterizers provides step by step instructions on how to configure a waveform monitor to make loudness measurements to one of the standards ATSC A/85, EBU R 128 or ARIB  TR-B.32.

Preventing Illegal Colors

To prevent the undesired impact of color gamut violations, Tektronix has developed several displays that simplify assessment of proper gamut compliance.

Tips & Tricks: Using the Lightning display in Camera Set Up

The Lightning display provides both amplitude and interchannel timing information for the three channels of a component signal – within a single display. Download this Tips & Tricks to find out how to use it in Camera Set Up.

10 Things you Need to Know About the Value of Scopes as Creative Tools

Have you ever wanted to make a final sequence look better? Have you ever wondered what colors you are really looking at? Tektronix has developed a set of tools that can help editors and colorists easily adjust the color fidelity of the image and maintain the video signal within suitable gamut limits.

Primary Color Correction for Video - Tonal Range and Color Correction

Editor and Colorist Steve Hullfish demonstrates 4 reasons what external waveform monitors are needed for color correction: 1) Improves the Resolution 2) Displays the actual output 3) Preset monitor configurations save time 4) Unique Luma Qualified Vector (LQV) Color Gamut displays improve the quality of the artistic rendering

Color Correction for Video - Scene Matching

Editor and Colorist Steve Hullfish demonstrates how to make two shots in a scene look like they belong together even if they were shot by different cameras or at different times of day. Learn how to save time by overlaying the LIVE feed from your system on TOP of the captured still.

The Benefits of External Waveform Monitors in Color Correction for Video

Editor and Colorist Steve Hullfish demonstrates 4 reasons what external waveform monitors are needed for color correction: 1) Improves the Resolution 2) Displays the actual output 3) Preset monitor configurations save time 4) Unique Luma Qualified Vector (LQV) Color Gamut displays improve the quality of the artistic rendering

Camera Setup, Matching and Alignment Application Note


Understanding and Troubleshooting Closed Captions

The February 2014 rule changes may force you to re-examine your ability to comply with FCC Closed Caption rules. This webinar examines the changes, and how to test for compliance using waveform monitors for SD or HD-SDI in Broadcast and using Elementary Stream Analyzers in Transmission.

Contact tekvideo@tektronix.com for a product demo or pricing.

Loudness Measurement and Monitoring Part 2

New changes to the  ITU-R BS.1770-3 standard for measuring and controlling Audio Loudness now allow operators and engineers to easily monitor the audio loudness of their programs. Learn  how to  monitor Audio loudness and ensure compliance to the CALM Act. •Part 2 describes how to using a Tektronix Waveform Monitor or Rasterizer to measure and monitor audio loudness.

Color Gamut Monitoring Webinar

Description: This webinar will explain how the industry's most comprehensive color gamut monitoring tools can be applied for precise color gamut adjustments when used in conjunction with Tektronix' patented Diamond gamut and Spearhead displays. Techniques using the new gamut monitoring technologies to help produce and qualify video content will also be covered.

Camera Alignment and Matching webinar

Matching a camera is critical to ensure the look from camera to camera or scene to scene and we will show you some techniques to simplify your camera matching.

3D Monitoring and Measurement

This presentation will provide you with a general understanding of Stereoscopic 3D Technology, review the challenges of producing content in 3D and how we create the experience of depth with our eyes and brain.

We will look at how to monitor stereoscopic 3D signals from the Left Eye and Right Eye cameras and how we need to ensure that the images from each camera are matched using the Tektronix WFM8000 series waveform monitors.

Broadcast Data Analysis / Ancillary Data Webinar

Today a wide variety of ancillary data is being carried within the serial digital interface (SDI) and it is important to ensure that this data is correctly formatted and conveys the correct information within the packet.

WVR7200 Rasterizer Related Information

Understanding Colors & Gamut Poster

Understanding Colors and Gamut This poster provides a quick graphical reference to understand gamut and how to correct gamut problems within the video signal.

Production and Post-Production Video Tutorials

Learn how to balance multiple cameras and color correct video by watching these "How To" Video Tutorials

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Video Test and Monitoring solutions include Baseband Video, MPEG Video and Video Quality & Service Assurance.

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