WFM6120 Waveform Monitor

Advanced tools to simplify your digital transition.

The WFM6120 provides Tektronix' superior video waveform monitoring and analysis capabilities required in Content Creation, Content Delivery, Research & Development, and Manufacturing for SD (Standard Definition) applications.

Precision and leading-edge capabilities such as Physical Layer Measurement, Digital Data Analysis, CaptureVu, A/V Delay Measurement and Simultaneous Input display make Tektronix the brand of choice for applications that require deep signal analysis and unquestionable accuracy.

Models in the WFM6120 Waveform Monitor Series: 

Model Form Factor Video Formats Audio Formats Measurements Special Features List Price
WFM6120 3 RU Full Depth, Half Width; AC SD, NTSC/PAL (Option CPS) Multiple Inputs, Gamut, Audio (Option AD) Data Analysis (Option DAT), Physical Layer (Option EYE/PHY), A/V Delay (Option AVD) FlexVu Get Price



FlexVu™ DisplayFlexVu lets you create a multi-view display tailored to your specific needs and work practices to increase productivity. Each tile can be configured to enable easy signal analysis such as multiple alarm and status screens, different safe area graticules and cursors on each tile and more.
ANC Data InspectorAutomatically detect all ANC data types and display presence, absence and status.
Audio-Video Delay MeasurementHelp prevent Lip-Sync problems with fast, accurate and repeatable out of service AV delay measurements.
Industry Leading Gamut DisplaysSimplifies maintaining color compliance across a variety of formats and color spaces.
Multiple Closed Caption & Teletext DisplaysSimultaneously monitor closed caption in multiple languages.
10,000 Event Error LogReview more material in less time during ingest and QC.
Option EYE and PHYMake it easier and faster to track down SDI signal path problems with automated physical layer measurements.
Video & Audio Session Screens & Status DisplaysSimplify monitoring tasks with these exclusive displays that provide critical content information at a glance.



Understanding Jitter Measurement for Serial Digital Video Signals

In this technical guide, we describe the different techniques for measuring jitter in serial digital.

Surround Sound Audio Monitoring

Surround-sound technology has merged with digital television and other digital video technologies to create the home theater. Audio and video professionals need monitoring displays that help them visualize the auditory image that the viewer will experience.

Understanding HD and 3G-SDI Video Poster


HD and 3G-SDI Physical Layer Webinar

There has always been a quest to achieve the film look within digital video, and with that comes the challenge to achieve higher resolutions with greater dynamic range, along with bit-depth at higher data rates. Learn about the methods being deployed to transport this high-speed data around a facility. 34 minutes.

Color Gamut Monitoring Webinar

Description: This webinar will explain how the industry's most comprehensive color gamut monitoring tools can be applied for precise color gamut adjustments when used in conjunction with Tektronix' patented Diamond gamut and Spearhead displays. Techniques using the new gamut monitoring technologies to help produce and qualify video content will also be covered.

Closed Caption Monitoring Webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss the various standards and type of closed caption present within analog composite, Standard Definition digital and High Definition video formats and how to monitor the closed caption data using a waveform monitor.

Broadcast Data Analysis / Ancillary Data Webinar

Today a wide variety of ancillary data is being carried within the serial digital interface (SDI) and it is important to ensure that this data is correctly formatted and conveys the correct information within the packet.

WFM6120 Waveform Monitor Related Information

Understanding Audio Loudness Webinar

Changes to the ITU-R BS.1770/1 standard for measuring & controlling Audio Loudness allow easy monitoring of this aspect of your programs. 1 hr 10 min.

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Video Test and Monitoring solutions include Baseband Video, MPEG Video and Video Quality & Service Assurance.

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