WFM2200A and WFM2300 Waveform Monitor

A handheld tool for Installation & Maintenance

The Most Powerful Waveform Monitor you can buy in a portable package.

The WFM2200A and WFM2300 waveform monitors are an ideal tool for field applications, offering an array of basic video/audio monitoring tools and test signal generation supporting a wide range of interfaces to quickly isolate, diagnose and resolve system issues.

Physical layer measurements (Eye & Jitter), cable simulation and margin test capabilities in the WFM2300 expand the versatility for field operations.

Models in the WFM2200A and WFM2300 Waveform Monitor Series: 

Model Form Factor Video Formats Audio Formats Measurements Special Features List Price
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Handheld, Battery SD,HD, Dual Link 3G (Option), Optical (Option), HDMI (Option) Dolby E Monitoring (Option) Waveform & Vector, Loudness Metering (Option), Closed Caption (Option) Subtitles (Option), ANC Data (Option), Gamut Portability, Replaceable Battery Get Price
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Handheld, Battery HD, SD, 3G (Option), Optical (Option) Dolby E Monitoring (Option) Waveform & Vector, Loudness Metering (Option), Closed Caption (Option) Subtitles (Option), ANC Data (Option), Gamut, Physical Layer, ASI Monitoring (Option) Portability, Replaceable Battery, Physical Layer Measurement Get Price

Key Specifications

  • SD, HD and Dual Link
  • Embedded Audio
  • Basic Test Signal Generation
  • Coax Cable Simulation/Margin Test Loop
  • Patented Gamut Displays
  • ASI monitoring


  • 3G Formats (3G)
  • AES/EBU Digital Audio (AUD)
  • Dolby E Monitoring (DBE)
  • Audio Loudness Monitoring (LOUD)
  • Fibre Input: SMPTE297 (SFP)

WFM2300 Only

  • Eye Diagrams
  • Jitter Waveform & Automated Measurements
  • Cable Parameter Measurements


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