Video Quality and Service Assurance

Video Network Quality Monitoring for Video Service Providers

Tektronix Sentry is a market leading Multi-stream Video over IP QoE Monitoring system. It has an unrivalled ability to analyze deep into the program level across hundreds of SD/HD streams. Sophisticated alerts and reporting identify problem streams that help to reduce operating expenses and subscriber churn. Tektronix RF Video Network Monitors are used in Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable TV networks to insure superior QoS and predict and identify problems before your viewers. Tektronix Cerify is quality control software for broadcasters, content providers and video service providers needing to test file-based video. Cerify provides exception-based technical compliance to enable the QC teams to focus only on the problem content and the subjective requirements.

Video Quality of Service

Ensure the quality of the viewing experience for your subscribers, increase uptime and reduce operational expenditures.

Tektronix next generation monitoring solutions are more intelligent, robust and comprehensive than traditional monitoring solutions. An industry-best number of critical issues are detected (most often before subscribers experience them), detailed reports are generated for historical/trending analysis and our products offer scalability and an easy-to-use web interface.

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Digital Content Monitors

RF & MPEG Monitoring of Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable TV networks

The RF & MPEG Series of products provide in-depth RF & Transport Stream monitoring and diagnostics with a range of RF network interfaces including ISDB-Tb, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, ATSC 8-VSB and QAM A, B & C. Software additions allow Network Management System integration (VQNet) and Video and Audio Quality Analysis (VQS1000).

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QAM400A FlexVu

Ensuring media content correctness, compliance and quality with the highest efficiency

With the ongoing migration towards file-based workflows as well as the increased adoption of multi-screen and Over-The-Top Media Services, the volume of file-based content continues to grow exponentially. Along with this surge of content comes the challenge of ensuring the quality and correctness of the media files so as to ensure subscribers receive the best Quality of Experience. To solve this challenge, Tektronix offers a range of File-based QC solutions that ensure compliance of the media files to all quality, regulatory and workflow requirements.

Aurora, Hydra and AutoFix

With our launch of Aurora, Hydra and AutoFix, we offer best-in-class File-based QC solutions.

  • Fastest and most scalable Automated QC on the market
  • Proven 4K and ABR capability
  • Best in class Frame Accurate File Playback for Review and Approval
  • Automated Correction including Audio Normalization
  • Over 30 active partner integrations
  • Proven track record of responsive support

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Cerify and QCloud 

The introduction of Aurora, Hydra and AutoFix signals a planned migration from the industry's first file-based QC platform, Cerify, to the latest market leading file-based QC platform, Aurora, for addressing the needs in the future.

Every Cerify customer, however, should rest assured that they will be supported in keeping what works today and then migrating to the new capability in a seamless fashion. Any user with a current Cerify support agreement may upgrade at no charge.

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Cloud Computing for Video Workflows

Cloud-based processes are a ready solution to help video companies grow with their end-users’ demands while reducing capital costs.

Cerify® and Dolby® DP600

The need for reliable, consistent quality control of audio and video streams is constant. By integrating Cerify and Dolby's DP600 Program Optimizer into your workflow, the entire quality control process is automated. Learn more by reading the technical brief integrating Cerify and Dolby for a winning quality duo.

Integrating Cerify® and Digital Rapids Transcode Manager

Read the technical brief on how the integration between Cerify and Digital Rapids Transcode Manager is accomplished leveraging Tektronix' CeriTalk API.

Sentry Family Software Update version 5.0

Information on the release of software version 5.0 for the Sentry family of products.

Measuring Video and Audio Quality of Experience (QoE)

This application note shows you how to objectively rate a program at different points in the network to understand and pinpoint when and where degradation has occurred.

How to Correctly Detect Aspect Ratio

Accurately detecting the aspect ratio of the non-black areas of a picture is essentials for correct playout. Learn more on how Cerify® detects aspect ratios on both SD and HD formats.

Challenges of Quality Control for File-Based Video

This Cerify application note discusses 5 critical issues content delivery services are facing to ensure correctly repurposed files are reaching broadcast and content-on-demand audiences.

Delivering Digital Video Services: Ensuring Quality and Compliance

10 Key Factors to Consider in Developing a Post-QAM Modulator RF Monitoring Strategy

Are you considering deploying a QoE monitoring system, but not sure about the key factors to consider in choosing a vendor? Download this short, one page overview to learn about the 10 things you need to know about monitoring  Video & Audio Quality of Experience.

The Storm Before the CALM: Quieting Loud Commercials in the Cable Environment

The burden of complying with the CALM Act will fall most heavily on the shoulders of cable operators and is a daunting task.  Download this application note to find out how Sentry Video Content Monitors can help ease this task.


QoE: What it Means to Subscribers and Service Providers Webinar

Quality of Experience has emerged as the key focal point for cable operators. This webinar explores the results of a recent video network monitoring market study that points to the growing need for network monitoring. Learn about Recommended Best Practices for QoE monitoring, as well as strategic decisions related to Video Monitoring Deployments from Time Warner Cable.

Closed Caption Compliance Webinar

This Webinar looks at Closed Caption Compliance towards establishing FCC requirements for best practice

Monitoring Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) Webinar

Are you deploying Multi-screen video and need to monitor your OTT or TV Everywhere services? Watch this webinar to gain a quick overview of the technology behind Adaptive Bit Rate streaming technology, and developing a QoE monitoring strategy that includes pre and post fragmented video streams.

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Automating Quality Control

The emergence of file-based workflows in the film and television industry has changed how content is created and distributed, enabling new ways to reach more viewers, but also introducing new challenges for producers and operators.  In this webinar, you’ll learn about the types of errors that can be present in video files, and how an automated quality control system can detect them efficiently.

Video Quality and Service Assurance Related Information

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Video Test and Monitoring solutions include Baseband Video, MPEG Video and Video Quality & Service Assurance.

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