Sentry Edge II

Analyzer-quality QAM RF Measuring & Monitoring

Sentry Edge II™ is the high-performance, high-density RF monitoring solution from Tektronix. The product detects transport stream and RF modulation errors generated by equipment errors or failures, and provides reporting and alerting capabilities for services in the RF and TS domains. Sentry Edge II delivers high quality RF measurements at scale for 24/7 video monitoring environments economically.

Sentry Edge II takes RF monitoring to the next level with monitoring density of 4 or 8 tuners per unit. More tuners per unit reduce the time to round robin, so RF issues can be identified sooner. Customers can round robin or park on any of the tuners, or chose any combination of these options.

Excellent MER performance across the entire frequency range lets service providers detect a drop in signal quality before there is impact to subscribers.

Sentry Edge II

Sentry Series Monitoring Network Diagram

Sentry Edge II monitors the edge of the network just before content is sent to subscriber homes. Typically operators use Sentry to validate the video and audio quality (QoE) of their digital content in the video headend, Sentry Verify to report on video-over-IP transport issues on the programs that are received downstream at the hub sites, and Sentry Edge II for monitoring services post QAM.


Models in the Sentry Edge II Series: 

Model Monitoring Analysis Network Interfaces Optional Software List Price
Sentry Edge II Analyzer-quality QAM RF measuring and monitoring solution with 4 or 8 tuners per unit. Detects transport stream and RF modulation errors generated by equipment errors or failures. Excellent MER performance across the entire frequency range lets service providers detect a drop in signal quality before there is impact to subscribers. RF Performance Analysis, 60-day Historical Reporting and Graphing, Transport Stream Bandwidth Graphing, Program Group Bandwidth Graphing QAM-A/B/C CALM Act Compliance for Audio Loudness, SA-BFS Monitoring, Carousel (truway/OCAP/MHP/DSM-CC) Monitoring, SCTE-35 (DPI) Ad Verification, PVQ (eMOS) for MPEG-2 and H.264, EBIF (eTV) Monitoring, Audio/Video QoE Monitoring Get Price

Features & Benefits


High-density solution: 2 RF inputs with 8 parallel QAM tuners or 1 RF input with 4 tuners RF measurements post-QAM at the hub and at headends where QAM is used

Constellation diagram provided for diagnostics

Two RF inputs enable simultaneous monitoring from different sources on 8-tuner unit
Monitors RF signals up to 1 GHz High quality MER measurements for quick detection when signal quality is inadequate to be tuned by set-top box
QAM A/B/C support Comprehensive RF reporting for targeted, rapid problem isolation
Remote management of RF measurement collection Cost-effective, high-density solution enables more effective monitoring of the network edge
Proactively detect RF issues before they impact subscribers Remote management of RF measurement collection saves time and money for providers now collecting data in the field
Full range of Transport Stream monitoring capabilities  
1RU footprint minimizes rack space and power costs  
Highly scalable solution where multiple units can be managed by the Medius Application Manager  

Analyzer-quality QAM RF Measuring Capability. RF Measurements include:

  • RF Lock Indication (including LED on rear panel)
  • Input Signal Level (Channel Power)
  • EVM
  • MER
  • CNR
  • Pre-RS BER
  • Post-FEC Uncorrectable TS Packet Count
  • Carrier Offset
Additional service monitoring capabilities available for QAM channels in the clear: audio/video QoE, Ad Verification, EBIF, tru2way™, MHP, and DSM-CC carousel analysis  

Sentry Support Services

World-Class Support When You Need It

A support contract from Tektronix provides you with all of the tools you need to make sure your monitoring deployment becomes more of a success for your organization over time. Tektronix field technicians are experts in all of the disciplines required to configure, test and operate our monitoring solutions in real-world settings. Our support team is thoroughly trained in the real-world performance characteristics of Tektronix equipment, as well as those of many other vendors, and offers extensive experience in digital networks.

Simply put, the level of support provided in a Tektronix support contract is unmatched by any other company.

Professional Services

Tektronix' field technicians and engineering teams are experts in MPEG infrastructure, monitoring, NOC procedures and troubleshooting. Take advantage of our expertise when you are planning your next short-term or long-term project. Tektronix offers professional services for items such as, but not limited to, monitoring assessments, issue/problem resolution, tru2way™ or EBIF deployment and bandwidth management.

Our standard agreement includes:

  • Hardware warranty
  • Software warranty
  • Intermediate releases and enhancements
  • Pre-deployment engineering support
  • Installation
  • Configuration of system
  • On-site training
  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • On-site support


Sentry Family Software Updates

Contact your Tektronix Sales Engineer to arrange for an upgrade.


10 Key Factors to Consider in Developing a Post-QAM Modulator RF Monitoring Strategy

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QoE monitoring helps operators identify video quality defects before the viewers can detect it.

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