Regulatory Compliance Monitoring for Broadcasters

Sentry Edge is a unique, cost effective video network monitor with advanced reporting and alerting capabilities that help broadcasters monitor network transmissions. Optimized for monitoring program content, Sentry Edge provides unique insight into video and audio QoE, including compliance to the CALM Act for Audio Loudness.  Sentry Edge provides specific reporting and alerting capabilities for services in the RF domain and extends visibility into Transport Stream quality by detecting MPEG and syntax errors.  The reporting tools provide a simplified overview of Closed Caption occupancy as well as detailed statistics and simplified graphs to help with cross-layer, root-cause analysis.

Sentry Series Monitoring Network Diagram
Sentry Edge

Sentry Edge monitors the edge of the network just before content is sent to subscriber homes. Typically operators use Sentry to validate the video and audio quality (QoE) of their digital content in the video headend, Sentry Verify to report on video-over-IP transport issues on the programs that are received downstream at the hub sites, and Sentry Edge for monitoring services post QAM.