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Scalable and Comprehensive QoE and QoS Video Network Monitoring Solution

Sentry® is a comprehensive video and audio quality monitoring solution for advanced video networks. It enables video service providers to deliver services with optimum quality while reducing operational expenditures.

Sentry identifies anomalies in the network at the IP and MPEG layers as well as in Quality of Experience (QoE), identifying issues including frozen video, tiling/macroblocking  and audio disruptions or audio-level issues, which represent the bulk of trouble calls from subscribers.

In addition, Sentry includes a video artifact measurement and detection capability. This makes Sentry the only solution that detects video and audio errors in digital programs while generating metrics that correlate to Mean Opinion Scores (MOS).

Sentry provides analysis tools coupled with historical data to give service providers the ability to resolve complex and intermittent problems quickly. Advanced reporting capabilities deliver reports that quickly identify the top offending programs or locations. Trending reports quantify improvements made over time. Lastly, reports can be automatically generated and forwarded by e-mail for an accurate and timely assessment of the quality of every program.


Sentry Series Monitoring Network Diagram

Sentry can be deployed throughout your network, but it is most cost effective at your master and secondary headends where digital content is first acquired and where it undergoes the most manipulation before it is sent to hub sites and the customer premises.


Models in the Sentry Series: 

Model Monitoring Analysis Network Interfaces Optional Software List Price
Sentry Scalable and comprehensive real time QoE and QoS video network monitoring solution. Identifies subscriber impacting issues such as frozen video tiling/macroblocking, audio level issues and audio disruptions. Sentry also offers closed-captioning compliance monitoring, error second and program availability reporting and audio loudness compliance monitoring. Sentry can also be purchased with a Dual GigE Input for monitoring primary and redundant video feeds (optional) IP Network Impairment Analysis, 60-day Historical Reporting and Graphing, Transport Stream Bandwidth Graphing, Program Group Bandwidth Graphing, Stream to View, Live Thumbnails and Thumbnail Wall, User and Alert-Triggered Stream Captures IP (1000BASE-T), ASI (1 or 4 port), IP (10GbE); The dual input Sentry offers an additional IP (1000BASE-T), ASI (1 or 4 port), IP (10GbE), or RF (8VSB, QAM-A/B/C) PVQ (eMOS) for MPEG-2 and H.264, SCTE-35 (DPI) Ad Verification, Carousel (truway/OCAP/MHP/DSM-CC) Monitoring, SA-BFS Monitoring, EBIF (eTV) Monitoring Get Price

Features & Benefits


Real-time 24/7 QoS and QoE monitoring and analysis of entire channel line-up Audio and Video Quality of Experience Scoring System
In-depth Monitoring for Compliance to Closed Captioning Standards IP Network Impairment Analysis
Audio Silence and Audio-level Issue Detection Based on ITU BS. 1770 Specification Alert Filtering and Resolution Tracking
Detects Frozen Video, Tiling/Macroblocking 10 GbE Network Monitoring
Perceptual Video Quality (eMOS) Carousel Monitoring (SA-BFS, DSM-CC, tru2way™)
PID-level IRD (Instantaneous Decoding Refresh) and EBP (Encoder Boundary Point) Reporting and Alerting Digital Program Insertion Monitoring
Live Thumbnails and Thumbnail Wall EBIF Monitoring
User Triggered & Alert Triggered Stream Captures Program Statistics and Availability Reporting
Error Second and Program Availability Reporting Dual Input Support for Monitoring Multiple Video Feeds
Stream to View  
Historical Reporting and Graphing  
Transport Stream Bandwidth Graphing  
Program Group Bandwidth Graphing  


Sentry Support Services

World-Class Support When You Need It

A support contract from Tektronix provides you with all of the tools you need to make sure your monitoring deployment becomes more of a success for your organization over time. Tektronix field technicians are experts in all of the disciplines required to configure, test and operate our monitoring solutions in real-world settings. Our support team is thoroughly trained in the real-world performance characteristics of Tektronix equipment, as well as those of many other vendors, and offers extensive experience in digital networks.

Simply put, the level of support provided in a Tektronix support contract is unmatched by any other company.

Professional Services

Tektronix' field technicians and engineering teams are experts in MPEG infrastructure, monitoring, NOC procedures and troubleshooting. Take advantage of our expertise when you are planning your next short-term or long-term project. Tektronix offers professional services for items such as, but not limited to, monitoring assessments, issue/problem resolution, tru2way™ or EBIF deployment and bandwidth management.

Our standard agreement includes:

  • Hardware warranty
  • Software warranty
  • Intermediate releases and enhancements
  • Pre-deployment engineering support
  • Installation
  • Configuration of system
  • On-site training
  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • On-site support


Sentry Family Software Updates

Contact your Tektronix Sales Engineer to arrange for an upgrade.


A Guide to Ensuring Digital Video Service Quality

A Guide to Ensuring Digital Video Service Quality

Delivering Digital Video Services: Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Monitoring and quality control of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming platforms is as important as the ABR systems themselves. This white paper explains how to deliver the highest possible quality video and audio programming over a robust and reliable service delivery platform.

Quality of Service Monitoring

With Tektronix equipment, deliver the highest possible quality video and audio programming over a robust and reliable service delivery platform.

The Storm Before the CALM: Quieting Loud Commercials in the Cable Environment

The burden of complying with the CALM Act will fall most heavily on the shoulders of cable operators and is a daunting task.  Download this application note to find out how Sentry Video Content Monitors can help ease this task.

10 things you need to know about monitoring Video & Audio Quality of Experience

Video and Audio Quality Assurance For Next-generation Video Networks


Closed Caption Monitoring & Analysis

Let Tektronix guide you through the ABC’s of closed caption monitoring and analysis. We’ll provide a background on the FCC rules and the requirements for establishing best practices. In addition, we will provide some troubleshooting tips and real world examples to help you stay in compliance and keep your customers happy.

QoE: What it Means to Subscribers and Service Providers Webinar

Quality of Experience has emerged as the key focal point for cable operators. This webinar explores the results of a recent video network monitoring market study that points to the growing need for network monitoring. Learn about Recommended Best Practices for QoE monitoring, as well as strategic decisions related to Video Monitoring Deployments from Time Warner Cable.

Sentry Related Information

Advanced QoE Monitoring

QoE monitoring helps operators identify video quality defects before the viewers can detect it.

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