QoS and QoE Video Management Across Your Network

Medius offers an advanced reporting package that is particularly helpful in capturing detailed QoE information that quickly highlights the top offending programs and/or locations. The reporting capabilities allow each user to generate customized reports that provide as much or as little detail as required, from monthly high-level reports for executive staff to immediate notices for technicians as incidents occur.

Medius is ideal for Network Operation Centers (NOCs) and provides a single interface for consolidated status, alerts, and reports from multiple Sentry and/or Sentry Verify, Sentry Assure, and Sentry Edge units across the network.

The complexity of today’s networks makes detecting, evaluating, reporting, and resolving subscriber audio and video QoE impacting events a costly and time-consuming headache. Medius provides operators with an alert dashboard that takes the guesswork out of error detection by quickly and accurately reporting and diagnosing video and audio issues occurring anywhere in the network.

Sentry Series Monitoring Network Diagram


Medius™ offers video service providers an effective way of managing and aggregating status, alerts, and reports from multiple types of Sentry video quality monitors  deployed throughout a network.  This gives you the data intelligence you need to quickly find and resolve problems.